Channon Rose: Bio, Life, Career, Relationship Status, and Net Worth

Many people gained fame on social media like YouTube and Instagram, and Channon Rose is one of them. She is popular as a YouTube Star, beauty vlogger, and social media personality. There are a lot of fans who follow her on social media and watch her on YouTube.

Early Life

Channon Rose Lindlief was born on 16th September 1985 in Northridge, California, USA. She was only eight years old when her parents got divorced. Her childhood was not so happy, as her stepmother mentally and physically abused her. That was a traumatic experience in her life that led to other problems. Due to these issues, she was expelled from three high schools.

She went to boarding school and EMT phlebotomy school and became a medical technician. However, she soon dropped from school and became an adult film star. She became drug addicted in her early life and survived a drug overdose three times.

Besides, she survived a terrible car accident. She was [paralyzed, and then surgeons made her walk again. In her teenage, she went to mental hospitals 16 times.


Channon Rose


September 16, 1985


37 years old


Los Angeles,

Birth Sign


Channon Rose, YouTube, and Porn Movies Career

Rose left college and started work as a stripper. She made adult movies and took the name, Randi Wright. Channon worked in almost 60 movies in this genre. Furthermore, she appeared on Playboy TV and in men’s magazines like The Hustler.

Rose took part in the comedy Dead sexy in 2018 and had the role of Amber’s mother. The movie was all about6 young girls and their sex problems. Channon Rose spent eight years in the porn movie industry and then decided to quit this career.

After that, she began her YouTube Channel with her name and posted videos regarding beauty and makeup. Rose has more than 1.1 million subscribers on her channel. Besides all, she is a singer too and released singles such as White Female and What A Life. She wrote an autobiography called The Story of Channon Rose: Lessons between the Lines.

Relationship status

Channon Rose found out about her husband through the dating website The couple got married after one year of dating, and the ceremony happened in California. On the day of the wedding, she fought with her friend member because she stole things from the wedding.

Channon Rose Unknown Facts

  • Channon Rose is a popular internet personality and social media influencer who has a large following on YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • She began her modeling career as a stripper before creating her blog and YouTube channel.
  • Her blog, “Channon Rose Blog,” began in 2007 and covered a variety of themes such as beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.
  • Channon Rose’s YouTube channel debuted in 2011, and her candid and engaging content soon grew her fan base.
  • Her YouTube account has almost 1.5 million subscribers, and her star is rising.
  • She’s been married twice, the second time to fellow YouTuber Travis Dean.
  • She wrote “The Story of Channon Rose: Lessons Between the Lines,” which was published in 2015 and received great reviews.
  • Channon Rose is upfront about her challenges and uses her platforms to tackle issues such as mental health and addiction.
  • Her honesty and ability to connect with her audience have contributed to her ascension to internet success.

Net Worth

Channon earned a handsome amount of money from her career. According to sources, the estimated net worth of Rose is $300k.

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Channon Rose’s journey from a troubled childhood and early career in adult entertainment to becoming a successful YouTube personality and social media influencer is a tale of resilience and transformation. Her candidness about her past, including her struggles with mental health and addiction, has resonated with a large audience, contributing to her growing popularity. Channon has diversified her talents into different realms such as writing, singing, and vlogging, demonstrating her versatility and creative spirit. Her story is a testament to the power of personal reinvention and using one’s platform to discuss important issues, inspiring many who have faced similar challenges.

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