Chichawatni forest on the verge of extinction due to timber mafia

Chichawatni Jungle is the second largest jungle of Pakistan

Chichawatni ( The Breaking Times – November 18, 2021 – Sheikh Ijaz ) Paksitan’s second largest Chichawatni forest is on the verge of extinction due to timber mafia.

According to the details, Chichawatni jungle is on the verge of extinction. The timber mafia is stealing thousands of tons of timber on a daily basis.

All this is happening with the connivance of the staff. Chichawatni forest was once famous all over Pakistan for its rosewood or shesham trees.

Today, the rosewood tree is dying out. Once upon a time in this forest lived wild birds and animals which were the beauty of the forest. They are nowhere to be seen in the jungle today.

Predators are constantly preying on these animals, which is why rare birds and animals are almost non-existent.

The biggest damage to the forest is the timber theft that is being carried out in collaboration with the forest staff. When people are asked why they steal firewood from the forest, they say that they work in the forest and the forest officers do not pay them. Instead, they tell them to take the wood in return for work. That’s why workers bring this wood.

Reliable sources have also revealed that these are private workers who work in the jungle. The government of Pakistan issues salary of Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000 to these workers. Salary does not reach these employees. Salary officers take it and ask employees to carry firewood in return for work.

These laborers make a living from these stolen woods. Residents of Chichawatni say that if it continues like this, this forest will end soon. The Chief Minister of Punjab and the Prime Minister of Pakistan should take immediate action to save the jungle of Chichawatni city.

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