Christina And Alisa Applegate, Bio, Career, Relationship, and Other Details

Christina Applegate is an award-winning actress and came into the limelight when she played a role in the American comedy series Married With Children. This show got popular and aired for ten years. People also want to know who is Alisa Applegate.

Christina made a guest appearance in the comedy series Friends as Amy Green. Her most popular movies, Crash Pad, Ask the Story Bots, Dead To Me, and A Bad Mom’s Christmas, are included.

Early Life

Applegate was born on 25th November 1971, and her birthplace is Los Angeles, California. Her parents were prominent celebrities in the entertainment industry. Her father, Robert William, also known as Bob, was a record producer. Her mother, Nancy Priddy, was an actress and singer.

Who is Kyle and Alisa Applegate

The parents separated after her birth, and then Robert remarried. She has two half-siblings named Kyle and Alisa Applegate. She has the perfect relationship with them. Her mother never married again, but some sources say that she had a relationship with Stephen Stills.

Christian’s Life As An Infant

As we said earlier, her parents were also in the entertainment industry, so she also followed in their footsteps. She appeared as an infant with her mother in a commercial for Playtex nursers and the soap opera Days of Our Lives.

Moreover, Christian debuts in the horror movie Jawas of Satan in 1981. She made a guest appearance in Charles in Charge and Silver Spoons. Christina capitalized on her new fame and appeared in projects such as The Giving Tree, AnchomanL The Legend of Ron Burgundy, The Sweetest Thing, Samantha Who?, Youth in Oregon, Dead To Me, and Web Therapy.

Christina Applegate’s Net Worth

According to the latest reports, her estimated net worth of Christina is $25 million.


Christina has won Emmy Awards for the best role in Friends. She also won the Outstanding Guest Actress award for the comedy series World Theatre award for the musical series ‘Sweet Charity.”

Breast Cancer And Tattoo Meaning

Christina is a beautiful lady as her height is five feet and five inches. She is fighting cancer that was diagnosed in 2008. However, it is an early stage and removed by a double mastectomy.

After her diagnosis, she found out about a genetic mutation called a BRCA1 mutation she was carrying. Christina decided to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes. Before that, she gave birth to her daughter Sadie in 2011. Her name is remembered as an actress, dancer, and cancer survivor. Moreover, people noticed some tattoos on her ankle “Agape” is the Greek word that means unconditional love.

Marriage Status 

Christina is married to a Dutch bassist who is a founding member of the alternative rock band Porno for Pyros Martyn LeNoble. It was their second marriage. Her husband also has a daughter named Sadie Grace LeNoble.

She was born on 27th January 2011. Before that, Christina was married to Johnathon Schaech. The wedding was held in Palm Springs, California, in October 2011. But after four years, Jonathan filed for divorce, and they finalized it.

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