Reasons for the decline of Pakistan Muslim League N

Pakistan has not been able to achieve political stability from the day one

By: Rizwan-ul-Haq Zain, Kohistan

The Kingdom of God-given Pakistan has not been able to achieve political stability from the day one. Unfortunately, the founder of Pakistan, Mr. Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed away just a short time after Pakistan’s creation and then all the successive rulers pursued their personal interests and weakened Pakistan.

At the same time, the occasional martial law has not allowed Pakistan to emerge politically. Similarly, efforts have been made to push back the Muslim League, the political party that created Pakistan, since its inception.

Because of this, Pakistani politics has not been able to continue freely. In spite of this, a faction of the Muslim League under the leadership of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was formed under the name of “Pakistan Muslim League-N”. And then with the passage of time, the PML-N became stronger.

The PML-N came to power in 1990 and again in 1996 And then in the 2013 elections too, PMLN won the elections by a landslide and succeeded in forming her own government under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif.

For some time this government was running well, but then it was left in the middle. If we look, there are some reasons for the decline of PML-N.

The biggest reason for this is that during PMLN rule it always happened that the national treasury is full but the people are miserable. Therefore, after two or three years of his rule, the people would always start disgusting on him.

And the people hated this party. Besides, the biggest reason for the decline of PML-N is always confrontation with the institutions during its tenure.

Which has plunged it into the abyss of decline and if observed, it can be said that if the PML-N leadership will improve its relations with the institutions contrary to its previous attitudes, hopefully the PML-N will be able to get out of this deep pit of decline easily and once again it will be very easy to reach the peak.

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