Details About Sarah Jessica Parker Plastic Surgery and Fitness Routine

Everyone knows Sarah Jessica Parker, who is a popular actress, fashion designer, and producer from the United States. However, she is also known for the role of Carrie Bradshaw in the television series Sex and the City. People are curious to know about Sarah Jessica Parker’s plastic surgery details because it is also the reason for her fame.

Her role in the tv series Sex and the City won two Emmy awards, four Golden Globe Awards for best actress, and three screen actors guild Awards.

Is Really Sarah Jessica Parker a Plastic Surgery Patient?

According to the actress, she has gone through a nose job and had her nose arrangement changed. She also denies the modification of the nose and rhinoplasty surgery to accomplish her thinner appearance.

People also claim that she also had Botox injections in her face. On her face, there are fewer creases and wrinkles. The skin looks radiant and artificial. Also, she had a stiff part in her cheeks whenever she grinned.

Now she looks younger than before, which shows that a facelift may be in work. Sarah Jessica Parker also has plastic surgery for breast implants. She started her career as she had a flatly fronted body. Reports say that her breasts seem to have increased in size.

Sarah Fitness Routine

Sarah Jessica keeps herself in shape. Therefore, she is strict in her gym routine, including five days on the treadmill, and never compromises on health. People are really surprised when they know that the 35 years old Sarah still looks young because of her strict fitness routine.

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