Did Prince William Cheat On Kate: What Meghan Said To Kate?

The Prince family news always spreads just like fire all around the world. The rumor was spread so badly that Prince William cheated on Kate Middleton. We don’t know what happened and why this news was spread. Did Prince William Cheat on Kate?

With this, many more rumors came out, like recently that Meghan Markel, Kate’s sister-in-law, told her that she is the reason that Prince William cheated on her and she is the only one to blame.

In these couple of days, there were so many stories in tabloids about Prince William that he cheated on Kate with her best friend, Rose Hanbury. Tabloids claim that they have exclusive stories because of exclusive sources. But we are not sure because many stories are fabricated just to get attention.

In this story, the interesting thing is that when Meghan heard that Prince Willian cheated on kate, she did not offer her shoulder to cry. Instead, she tells Kate that she is the only reason for everything; it is not Prince’s fault, as she also says that if Kate tried to make herself a little bit sexier, William would not look at another woman.

She forced him to cheat on her, but this story seems fabricated and funny too. Well, there is no evidence about this story or even the conversation between Meghan and Kate.

There is no evidence about all these allegations and no proof that Meghan really said all to Kate this. This is a tabloid story; therefore, we should not trust them. They always spread the wrong news.

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