Do You Know About Huda Cosmetics Founder Huda Kattan’s Net Worth?

Huda Kattan is a popular American entrepreneur, makeup artist, and beauty blogger. Everyone knows her as the founder of the cosmetic brand Huda Beauty. She became popular because of her net worth. Forbes also posted about Huda Kattan’s Net worth and wrote that.

Huda quit her job as a makeup artist and launched a blog in 2010. She started Huda beauty along with her two sisters in 2013. Huda now has become a selling brand where almost more than 140 products are selling, from eyeshadow pallets to lip gloss, which brings $200 million in annual sales.

Moreover, Forbes mentioned that a small minority stake signed a deal that valued the company at $1.2 billion.
She was born in Oklahoma in 1983. She studied fashion and makeup in Los Angels, California, and became an artist. Kattan worked as a makeup artist at Revlon.

The interesting fact is that she said she never spent money on advertising. Kattan has more than 50 million followers on Instagram. She began her own business with the name Huda beauty in 2010. the first product was false eyelashes that were launched through Sephora.

Huda became famous on social media every short time and ranked number one in the 2017 influencer Instagram rich list. Time magazine mentioned her name among the 25 most influential people on the internet.

You will be surprised to know that Huda Kattan’s net worth is almost $560 million.

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