Reasons of the Downfall of PMLN and solution

PMLN is still the most popular political party in Punjab

By: Daniyal Hassan Chughtai

Muslim league was established in December 1906. And Muslims of the subcontinent got Independence in the form of Pakistan in 1947 under Muslim league.

But soon after the emergence of Pakistan and demise of leader of the nation Quaide Azam and first prime minister Liaqat Ali Khan , Muslim league and it’s leaders continued their manifesto on whom they got popularity in the masses.

In 1958, first Martial Law was imposed in Pakistan. And Muslim league leaders got into the lap of military and split into many parts with different names. This practice continued till the General Zia regime.

After General Zia plain crashed, Muslim league led by Mian Nawaz Sharif the then Chief minister of Punjab who took over party from Junejo group. He organized the party on gross root level. And in 1990, he became prime minister of Pakistan for the first time. But he could not complete his period of government and lost his government  just after three years.

He became prime minister for the second time in 1997 with two third majority. But he did the same mistakes this time too and lost his government to general Musharraf who imposed Martial Law for the fourth Time in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif then went to exile for a long period of time. In 2013, he became prime minister of Pakistan for the third time. But this time he did the same and lost his designation on corruption charges. But in this tenure, all sectors going to progress and FATA also emerged to KPK.

Now we discuss the causes of the downfall of PMLN in detail:

The first major cause was the bad condition of foreign policy. Only relations with China were improved but apart from that, foreign policy gone to worse. Friendly attitude towards India also added fuel to the fire.

The second main cause was the change in the law of last prophethood. This law changed in the course of electoral affidavit , on which long March was also conducted by a religious organization TLP. It proved to be very fatal for their popularity as this was very sensitive matter in the circumstances of Pakistan.

Civil military relationship was also not good in all periods of PMLN, and this was going to same in last tenure also. Dawn leaks was the final coffin in the nail in these relations.

And the final reason which caused the downfall of the PMLN was the Panama Case, in which corruption charges were imposed on PMLN leader Nawaz Sharif. As a result he had to face life time disqualification.

Now PMLN servers the role of opposition. If party has to revive, then they have to review their mistakes. They have to promote their relationship with stake holders with new leadership.

PML-N has to change its attitude towards India also. They have to change their manifesto according to the needs of the nation. In this way, they can get back into the power.

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