Erica Temptation Island; Are Kendal Kirkland And Erica Washington Together Now!

Erica Temptation Island’s latest season appeared with Kendal Kirkland. There are four couples who are living a single life as their love is tested by 12 other guys and 11 girls.

Kendal wanted to join the season for more possibilities, and Erica tried to prove their love from the show and get engaged. People are conscious and want to know about the couple.


Who Is Kendal Kirkland?


Kendal Kirkland was born on 15th September 1994; he grew up in San Diego, California, along with other siblings Monroe and Monica. Monica is a life coach and podcaster and contributed as the CEO of MK enterprise. Moreover, she was also the co-host of the Every Day Daniel Podcast. Monroe is married to Tract A Wade and has a son named Trenton Young and a stepson Thaddeus Young.




Kendal went to Lincoln High School and then attended San Diego State University, where he completed his graduation in Public Administration. He used to play basketball team during high school and got 15 positions. 




Kendal is a fitness influencer and business owner. He made his lifestyle Credit Repair in November 2018. Being a fitness person, he also contributed to Fit Seven Training. Moreover, he is also the author of a nutrition book called “the Kirkland Approach.” This book helps people who are dealing with being overweight.


The star has a considerable influence on social media, such as on Instagram; she has more than 21.1 k followers.

Kendal presented her role in the entertainment industry and has several credits in tv shows and movies such as Gift, Expectations, Blacklisted, Typecasted, Temptation Island, and Callejero.


Kendal Kirkland and Erica Temptation Island


They had been in dating for more than two years. Erica was seen as confident about her commitment to Kendal. Well, this also has led to Erica feeling unappreciated and hoping that things will get better. 

Kendal believes that the show is the perfect opportunity for both to test the relationship and can figure out that erica is really one for him.


Are They Still Together


Erica and Kendal were together even after the shooting of the show. The couple is obligated to keep the relationship status a secret. There are certain hints that have led the viewers to think that maybe they are no longer together.


When Kendal posted a picture on Instagram stating that “At Peace” and also said, “Sometimes you have to let the rain come to see if the base is weak.”  Erica posted the pictures on Instagram of herself with the caption, “Revoking people’s access to me is my favorite flex.”

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