Eugenio Derbez Reveals The Vocation of His Little Daughter Aitana Derbez

Eugenio has passed away and is always passionate about acting for his children, Aitana Derbez, Jose Eduardo, and Aislinn Vadhir. His children have always shown that they have artist blood in their veins, especially Aitana Derbez. Let’s talk about all the details.

Each one is participating in Hollywood and doing very well. He told in an interview on the Unicable program Con Permiso which Martha Figueroa and Juan Jose Origel organized. His younger daughter Aitana Derbez grows and understands the environment in which she develops the work. He said if she chooses to dedicate herself at any stage, I will not hesitate to support her.

The little girl debuted a few years ago in the tape “Angry Birds 2.’ Her father was convinced that the true passion of his daughter was in the song, just like her mother Alessandra, an opinion that she is different than others.

The former member of Sentidos Opuestos said, ‘He brings up the comic vein and likes to make people laugh and acts too. Also, he makes a face in front of the mirror, dances all day, or maybe a little more towards music and singing.’

Transmits of Acting Passion From Eugenio to Aitana Derbez

The actor’s sons have followed in his footsteps in the artistic world. Once he declared for the program Ventaneando, ‘I am very excited because on the day I want to teach him, no refunds. He does not know who my characters are, and I am waiting for him to understand them. Furthermore, he said you can enjoy them, and then you will know all our work.’

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