Everything About HGTV Inside Out Cast Mike Pyle’s Partner and family

Mike Pyle is a landscape designer and consultant who has worked in the landscape for more than 15 years. HGTV Inside Out Cast Mike is known for transforming multiple garden spaces and backyards for clients.

People are curious to know about what his outside-the-screen life is. Also, people ask whether mike is married or not. Let’s get inside the host life.

Is Mike Pyle Married?

Mike Pyle is a married man and engaged to his fiance Lizzy Farag. They met in 2018 and then started dating. In September 2019, Mike proposed to Lizzy and shared the news on social media.

They adopted a dog named Steve, who passed away in October 2019. His partner said their hearts never be the same without Steve. Steve passed away, and Lizzy was pregnant. They welcomed their baby daughter named, Stevie Pearl Pyle, in December 2019.

Life of Mike Pyle 

HGTV inside-out cast member Mike was born on 5th December. He grew up in Palm Desert, California. Southern and Deliah Elizabeth are his parents. Now Mike lives in Orange County, California. He also has a brother named London Pyle. His brother graduated from Palm Desert High School and studied at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Mike’s height is five feet and eleven inches. He is the owner of Mike Pyle and also a founding partner of the Hunt Collection. He has experience in the landscaping field, and living murals are the best design considered.

Some living murals are Olive Trees with yellow Sky and Sun and Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Mike and Carmine are all set HgTV inside-out hosting and Rock The Block. He led all things outside, whereas Carmine did everything from the walls. They were judging teams of two who would transfer identical three-story suburban properties.


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