Everything About The Circle’s Contestant Courtney Revolution

There is not much hustle around season 2 of the Netflix reality series “The Circle.” The participants have moved into isolated apartments in the show and communicate through accounts created on the social media app to become the most popular player and win $100,000.

There is a twist in the game in which players can play with a real identity or use a fake identity. In the circle season 2, Courtney Revolution is the first option to play with real identity. Let’s talk about all the details of the Courtney Revolution.

Life of Courtney Revolution

Courtney Revolution is also famous as Courtney Linsen. He is 28 years old online entertainment host. He presented himself as a barista because he did not want other contestants to think that he was nosy because of his entertainment journalism background. The podcast host and digital creator live in Los Angeles, California. Moreover, he also revealed that he joined The Circle to change his image in the game on a safer strategic side.

He said, “ my passion for entertainment developed once I discovered the internet and one of my best loves _ Youtuber.” After this, I fell in love with fashion and turned down my acceptance to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. I refocused and realized that I had a special knack for communicating and finished my degree, so I packed a car and road tripped to Los Angeles.”

Where Is He Now

Courtney is on the West Coast and living in Los Angeles. He realized that he could be in the industry forever, so he started establishing his brand. He launched his live pop culture show on YouTube and started a podcast called Overheard in the Pantry alongside his closest friend “Phylesha Hiers.”

He and his friends also build a merchandise line which is also available on Teespring. Well, the walk to the road to stability was not easy, and he said he utilized every opportunity to turn it into success. He thanked everyone for being thanked everyone who believed and supported him.

He thanked everyone for letting me and loving me for just me.”

Courtney’s net worth is almost $200k.

Relationship Status

Courtney Revolution is a gay man, and he revealed his sexuality in October 2018. He posted pictures with the digital creator Teddy Johnny. People assume as a couple, they are best friends and are not linked romantically. 


There is no detail revealed about his parents, but he shared pictures of them on the social media platform.

Some Facts About Courtney Revolution

Courtney celebrates his birthday on 5th May. He lives on East Coast and has a baby brother. His parents’ identity, but he shares pictures of them on his Instagram. The height of Courtney is five feet and ten inches. He is an active user of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.


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