Everything That You Want to Know About Dydoe Piercing

Dydoe piercing is a body modification type in which piercing of the coronal rim of the glans penis is included. It is a surface piercing as it does not go through the center of the penis.

It could be horizontal or vertical and is usually done n groups and pairs. However, it could also be done as a single piercing. The common placement for dydoes is the top of the penis, near the head.

What Is a Dydoe Piercing

Dydoe piercing’s placement is two beads on either side of the gland of the penis. Dydoe is a greek word, ‘dyo’ means double, and eye means together describes its appearance and is known as King’s crown.

This piercing is done at 12 o clock and six o clock. Both single or double piercings could be done as the larger group known as Prince Albert piercing.

The benefit is aesthetic, and people find them to be visually pleasing and stimulating. Moreover, it also increases the sensation during sex for both partners. People wear dydoes as single, double, or triple piercings.

The History

Dydoe is a body modification type and has been practiced for centuries. In this, piercing of penis skin with a needle and inserting a small piece of jewelry into the hole are included.

Basically, it is originated in ancient Egypt and considered a symbol of power and virility. Now it has become more popular among gay men.

How Is It Done?

There is a variety of methods of piercing, such as traditional needle, forceps method, and laser-assisted piercing. Its healing process is almost 4-6 weeks. The important thing is to clean the piercings regularly to avoid any infection.
It is done by passing the needle through the frenulum.

It is a tissue that connects the skin to the glans. The needle is inserted into a barbell that is placed under the skin. This barbell is secured with a ball closure ring.

Different Types of Dydoe

There are three major types; the traditional, the reverse, and the double dydoe. The first one, traditional, is done through the penis shaft below the glans. The jewelry of piercing is called a barbell with two balls on either end.

The second type is the reverse dydoe which is done through the bottom of the penis shaft, above the base. The third and last is the double dydoe which is done through the top and bottom of the penis shaft. This piercing jewelry is two barbells connected by a ring or chain.

The Aftercare

Care is important after dydoe piercing, which is simple and straightforward. You need to clean the area around it and clean it twice a day with warm water and soap. Don’t use harsh chemicals, lotions, or perfumes near it that can create irritation.

Moreover, avoid touching or playing with it, which can lead to infection. If you notice any discharge, swelling, redness, or infection things, you must consult with your doctor and follow the guidelines.

Dydoe Piercing Jewelry

This type of jewelry is generally a small, stud-like piece worn on the top of the penis. It is placed through the top fleshy part of the penis, called the glans, and exits through the urethral opening.

In this jewelry,m different materials such as metals, gold, silver, and stainless steel are used. Many men wear dydoe jewelry that matches other piercings on their bodies.


What Are Double Dydoe Coke Piercings?

Double Dydoe coke piercing is a body modification type in which two are placed in the frenulum or webbing of the penis. It is done by using a variety of different methods with the use of the needle. It could be painful and take 4-6 weeks to heal properly.

Does Dydoe Piercing Feel Good?

Some people report that that is painful but fleeting and feel a satisfying ‘pang” as the needle enters. Pain is tolerable, but I can’t say enjoyable.

Is It safe doing It?

Dydoe is safe if an experienced person performs it by using sterile equipment. The risks which are associated with it are infection, swelling, and bleeding.

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Dydoe piercing is an interesting body modification and a way to express for some people. There is a lot of fun too.

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