Everything To Know About The American Fashion Designer Julia Haart And Her Partner

Julia Haart is a popular American fashion designer, chief executive, officer, and Elite World Group co-owner. She started her career with the Netflix series named My Unorthodox life. Here let’s talk about all the details of Julia and her partner.

Julia Haart’s Early Life

Julia Haart’s date of birth was born on 11th April 1971, in Moscow, Russia. She left Russia when she was three years old. After that, she settled in Texas and migrated to Vienna and Rome. There is no detail about her parents.

Julia shared that she had seven younger siblings and looked after them. Julia’s height is five feet and three inches. Julia went to private school as a Jewish student and then shifted to New York. In New York, she attended Bais Yaakov High School in Brooklyn.

Personal Life of Silvio Scaglia and Julia Haart

Silvio Scaglia is the boyfriend of Julia Haart, and he is an Italian media and technological entrepreneur. She met with Silvio during her fashion career with a namesake show line. She also partners with ski boot engineers and uses insulation gel designed for NASA space stations to formulate an ultra-comfortable high heel.

Silvio noticed her design, which was so eye-catching. So, Julia Introduced him as her partner in 2019 and wrote on Instagram, “this is our take on the whole wedding extravaganza, the one time we can be a little corny. What a great way to kick off our wedding with a beach BBQ and lots of dancing; I can’t wait to share; I am getting married today.

Silvio Scaglia and Julia Haart’s wedding was held in June 2019. Before that, Julia was married to Yosef Hendler and got married at the age of 19. They remained in the marriage for 23 years and had four children. The children’s names are Batsheva Haart, Miriam Haart, Aron Haart, and Shlomo Haart.


Miriam Haart got a bachelor’s degree from Stanford University in computer science. Moreover, she is the co-founder of Norma Queer Chart, Eazitt in CS11, and CoLab Fellow of IDEO. Her son Shlomo is a Columbia University graduate with a political science degree.

After that, Silvio went to the University of Cambridge and completed an international summer program in Genetics and sociology. The necxt one is Batsheva who is a lifestyle bloogeer and tiktoker. She has owned Sunnies and Sangria since 2017 and is married to ben Weinstein. Aron is the youngest child of the bunch and follows the orthodox Jewish high schooler.

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