Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Trailer, Release Date and Storyline

Expedition Big Foot is the best real-life adventure television series that must be watched by everyone who likes mysterious stories.

The story is about five experts who embark on the quest to find conclusive of Bigfoot. It is a mystical monster that evaded Discovery. It is a must-watch adventure series that has completed three seasons and got positive reviews.

Everyone is waiting for the next fourth season with convincing proof and the team’s unwavering sense of adventure. The wait is over, and Expedition Big Foot season 4 has been renewed for the next installment.

So here we are excited about and want to know about the Expedition Bigfoot season 4 trailer, release date, storyline, and other details.

When Will Expedition Bigfoot be released?

According to sources, season four will also air on Travel Channel. Everyone is asking about the release date that is scheduled for fall 2023.

The first season of Bigfoot aired in December 2019, and the second in January 2021 with 14 episodes. After that, the season took a break and came out for the third time in March 2022, completed in June 2022. Now, everyone expects the fourth season to air on 30th August 2023.

Where Fans Can Enjoy the Expedition Season

The upcoming fourth season will premiere on Discover + and Travel Channel. Fans can get a subscription to Discovery +, which provides access to thousands of documentaries and shows. Also, the season is available on other channels, such as Food Network, HGTV, TLC, and Animal Planet.Expedition Bigfoot Season 4

What Will Happen in the Expedition Bigfoot Season 4?

Expedition Bigfoot is an exciting reality TV series in which a skilled five-person team works to navigate treacherous wilderness to find the elusive creature.

The story is built on a foundation of scientific knowledge and expertise and shows technology and data analysis techniques to unravel the mysteries surrounding bigfoot. The three seasons completed its three seasons, and now everyone is waiting for the fourth.

In the upcoming season, the team will embark on an expedition to the rugged terrain of Alaska. This environment provides an ideal habitat for the elusive creature and motivates the team to venture deeper into unexplored regions.

With their exceptional abilities and cutting-edge technology, they pinpoint the bigfoot’s presence in some of Alaska’s most hostile areas.

Moreover, they will encounter local legends and mythology, enriching their exploration with cultural insights. In the third season, they returned to Washington State, and the team revisited the location where they had unearthed compelling evidence in the first season.

The team identified a new hotspot for Sasquatch activity and embarked on an exploration of this uncharted territory. They made significant discoveries ranging from footprints and vocalizations to tree structures, thermal imaging, hair samples, and DNA evidence.

Furthermore, they also faced many challenges, weather, technical issues, health issues, and potential encounters with dangerous wildlife and tested their resilience and determination.

The season captivates audiences with its blend of adventure, science, and an enigmatic creature. In the previous season, the last episode’s title was ‘Where the Legend Began,’ so the next story will start exactly where it ended.Expedition Bigfoot Season 4 Release Date

Who Will Be In The Fourth Season?

Bryce plays the role of the expedition operations team, plans the routes, and ensures the safety of everyone during this tenure.

He also supervises the planning and coordination during embarking on their thrilling quests to locate Bigfoot. A skilled primatologist named Mireya contributes to multiple technical aspects of the team. She handles carefully, from conducting research to managing the team’s activities.

Her exceptional work in the previous season garnered high praise from her peers. Military personnel Russel is known for his resilience and assumes the role of a tough guy within the team.

He took charge of survival duties and ensured that the team remained sharp and focused while navigating the wilderness. Moreover, Russell oversees the team’s essential survival needs like sanitation, tents, and food.

The team’s researcher, Ronny, provides invaluable insights based on years of dedicated research. His expertise helps the team uncover patterns that bring them closer to the elusive creature.

Besides, Ryan controls the team’s technology and flies the drone. He was an intelligence analyst for the Air Force and worked with multiple devices.

Matthew Ginsburg, Tim Healy, and Charles Norlanderare made this season for Railsplitter Pictures, Monsterland Media, Ronny LeBlanc, and Casey Brumedls for Ping Pong Productions for Travel Channel.


The cast has shared some intriguing sneak previews of the upcoming season of their accounts. No trailer for the upcoming season is available, but we will surely watch the exciting adventures.

Is Expedition Bigfoot Worth Watching

It is a fun series for those who like mysteries and adventures and want to learn about strange animals. A group of experts use cutting-edge science and technology and visit dangerous places in the United States.

At those places, they see the bigfoot for decades that fascinate them but also have exciting action, marvelous scenery, interesting proof, and engaging interviews with experts. It is an amazing series that follows the bigfoot, and the team tries to prove it exists.

Bottom Line

Hundreds of eyewitnesses recorded alleged encounters with Bigfoot, describing it as a large, bipedal, and hair creature. The elite team finds out with their expertise in Central Oregon. It is a part series where the team explores and finds evidence of the cryptid.

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