How To Read One Piece Manga Series on Different Websites and Apps

One Piece is one of the most popular manga in the world that follows the adventures of the pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his ever-expanding crew.

Eiichiro Oda has been an ongoing manga series since July 1997. There are more than a hundred volumes of One Piece translated into English.

Still, everyone wants to know how to read One Piece online, where all the chapters are easily available. The series is well-regarded for its lovable characters, epic fights, and complex world-building.

One Piece is a balance of drama and comedy over its many story arcs. The series follows a young man, Monkey D. Luffy, who is made of rubber after unintentionally eating a Devil Fruit.

He traveled from the East Blue Sea to find the deceased King of the Pirates, Gol D. ROger’s ultimate treasure, “One Piece.” It became one of the best comics ever, with over a thousand chapters released over its almost 25 years of serialization. Let’s discuss all the websites where you can read One Piece in order.

Best Websites to Read One Piece Online

read one piece mangaViz Media Website

All the chapters of One PiecePiece are available in English on the Viz Media Website. But only the three earliest and most recent chapters are free without any signup or paid subscription.

Fans can read all the previous chapters by going to the Shonen Jump section of the website and scrolling through the series until they find One Piece.

Moreover, fans can click on the latest chapter of their catch-up or the series’ name, which brings them to a full list of chapters in descending order.

Scrolling through the long list of chapters to reach Chapter 1 at the bottom of the page shows how long a journey a new One Piece fan has ahead of them.

Readers can easily go to the next or previous pages using arrow keys. Fans who are readers of the One Piece chapter will soon release it in Japan through the same manga reader software.

Manga Plus Website and App

Manga Plus is Shieisha’s official manga platform. It covers all the English chapters online. The first three chapters and the latest chapters of each series are free to read.

Also, the older chapters are available for free on the app but only viewable once. Well, the chapters of the ongoing manga series are released at the same time in Japan.
The Manga Plus app is also available, allowing you to access all chapters at once for free. Fans can get their hands on the app via Google Play Store and Apple Store.

one piece mangaShonen Jump Website

Shonen Jump is an online website to read, just like vi Media and Manag Plus. There are many English chapters available in their library.

In addition, fans really enjoy the first three and late series chapters, which can be read free of cost. But you can get the Shonen paid subscription to unlock more content.

Shonen App has a digital vault of over 15000 manga chapters. Fans can get a paid subscription to the Shonen Jump app for more amazing content.

Bottom Line

Now is the perfect time to get all the amazing latest chapters of the One Piece manga series. As we clearly mentioned, you can read the One Piece manga series on websites and apps.

No doubt this incredible series changed the lives of many readers worldwide. With the websites mentioned above, it is now very easy to dive into One Piece’s incredible ad fantasy world.

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