Failure Reasons of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz

Leaders of the party are facing many lawsuits

By : Fizza Shakeel

14th August 1947 was the day when the efforts of Muslims paid off. The dream for an independent state with all Islamic rule and legislation came true.

Tyranny was discouraged and the power was given to the hands of elected people. Unfortunately, Pakistan is struggling for political peace till now even after 74 years of the Independence. Many political parties have come and gone.

One of the most prominent parties is Pakistan Muslim League (N). It came into power three times after its establishment. The last tenure of PMLN was 2013-18, but Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif could not survive the whole term and was disqualified in 2017.

This was the juncture from where started the downfall of PMLN. This evidence cannot be ignored that the party started making errors after the disqualification of Mian Nawaz Sharif and her daughter Maryam Safdar.

In my view, the first and foremost reason for their descent was the charges of corruption. To spice up all the situation, the case of “Panama Leaks” just arose.

PMLN’s leader Nawaz Sharif was wholeheartedly administering the country as seen, but some of his policies didn’t look like be working as the International image of Pakistan was deteriorating continuously.

The foreign strategy was not strong enough to put forward the voice on the behalf of Pakistan. The country was kept on the grey list of FATF ( Financial action task force ).

Also, another major setback was the penalties to Nawaz Sharif by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
This resulted in the collapse of the party both in the centre and in the province of Punjab in the general election of 2018.

Leaders of the party are facing many lawsuits. Institutions like FIA and NAB etc. are confronting the defamation by the party’s spokespersons for filing cases. There is a continual debate between the PMLN and many institutions which is constantly descending their impression.

The downfall of the Pakistan Muslim League can only be avoided by changing its policies and protocols as their all-time tirade against sacred institutions is dangerous for their own.

Attacking, dividing and then ruling is now the code of ignorant and uneducated times. PMLN should amend and improve its technique to win the hearts of the common and nobles.

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