Famous Illusionist Zach King Net Worth, Family, and Marital Status

Zach King is a famous Illusionist who surprises millions of people with his magic vines. His astonishing magic tricks have become an internet celebrity, and followers want to know about him, such as Zach King net worth, family, education, and career.

Who Is Zach King?

Zach King is an internet sensation, illusionist, and filmmaker. He was born on 4th February 1990 and lived in Los Angeles. He was raised in Portland, Oregon. His mother gave him and his three sisters education at home. He looks tall as his height is five feet and nine inches. Zach King had an interest in filmmaking since he was a child.

He made his first film using a home video camera at seven. After that, he started filming and editing when he reached fourteen. He used acquired video equipment like cameras, a mac computer, and a tripod for making videos. He got his bachelor’s degree from Biola University in cinema and Amedia Arts in December 2012.

Professional Life

Zach has always been interested in videography and filmmaking. He started his website FinalCutKing.com in 2008 after trying so many suitable online instructions for Apple’s editing software Final Cut Pro. The websites delivered Apple software training and suggestions.

King uploaded a video on YouTube account Jedi Kittens in January 2011. The video features a pair of Kitten fighting with lightsabers. It went viral with millions of followers, and he became one of the most promising young filmmakers in America.

King appeared in a variety of videos such as being hired by Disney to play the muzzled wolf in the movie “Zootopia,” he maintained his success on TikTok and took three years to solidify his position. The videos went viral and estimated got two billion views on Youtube.

Zach King’s Net Worth

According to reports, Zach king net worth is $4.78 million. Besides videography, he has multiple income of sources.

Marital Status

Zach King married a well-known actress named Rachel Holm. She is an actress and well known for her roles in Suburbia and The Hour of Power. They met in lip sync and dancing competition at Biola University in 2013.

Zach’s sister introduced them, and within a year, they married. The couple doesn’t have children but has an adopted son named Mason. They started the adoption process by raising two foster boys, which was announced on 18th April 2019.
They have another adopted son Liam.

Social Media presence

Zach King is active on social media platforms like YouTubers, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok. His channel @ZachKing has 13,3 million subscribers. His other account is under the name @Zachking with 24.5 million followers, Tiktok account with 67.8 million followers, Twitter has more than 344.4k followers, and Facebook under the name @Zachking has millions of followers.

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