Gonzo Jimenez, Where Is The Bake Squad Cast?

Everyone knows about the new cooking competition show “Black Squad.” There are four professional bakers to create delightful desserts with some extra exposure to Netflix in August 2021. Gonzo Jimenez is also the cast of the Black Squad.


In every episode, participants impress the clients with a big day by showing abilities to whip up a mouth-watering and extravagant delicacy. Fans want to know about the contestants and their talent, in which Conzo Jimenez is also included.

Who Is Gonzo Jimenez?

Gonzo Jimenez was born on 30th July 1985. He is a member of the Blake Squad. He started work at local restaurants at the age of 17. Gonzo was surrounded by good food during the long family meals. He was surrounded by good food. He was so passionate about his career.


Gonzo Jimenez began working at local restaurants. Jimenez enrolled himself in a pastry and culinary school in Buenos Aires. Gonzo traveled the nation and worked hard after completing his education. He recollected the United States of America in 2009 and worked for 5-star hotels for celebrity chefs.


Not only this, but Jimenez also launched his luxury chocolate lines which sold in many hotels in Manhattan with high-end confections. Jimenez shifted to South America in 2013 and became the director of the Chocolate Academy before setting down in Denver, Colorado.


Where Is He Now?

At this time, Gonzo Jimenez is the co-owner of Miette et Chocolate, a French patisserie that serves everything from chocolate bars to bonbons. Moreover, he is also the chef for Republica del Cacao, an authentic Latin American Chocolate business.

Gonzo offers consultation classes related to chocolate things.


Gonzo got estranged from his father while chasing his dream, and they have a strong bond. He explained his love for chocolates: “the world of chocolate and art go hand in hand, even when you see that chocolate is a noble organic matter and an excellent means to express the ideas and concepts.”




Now he has become a television personality with Black Squad. Now, he is running the chocolate business as an ultra runner. His height is five feet and 10 inches. He has tattooed on his arms.


He is active on social media, such as Instagram has more than16.5 k followers. The estimated net worth of Gonzo Jimenez is $600k. He is married, and his wife’s name is Wilma Marie. 

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