Here is Everything About Cindy Kimberly Ethnicity, Bio, Career, Fame, and Net Worth

The Netherland-born Instagram model Cindy Kimberly has a successful career in modeling and has a big social media appearance. People want to know about her, so let’s talk about Cindy Kimberly ethnicity, bio, career, net worth, and all other details.

Cindy Kimberly’s date of birth is 16th November 1998. Her birthplace is Amsterdam, Netherlands. She became popular as an Instagram model and posted beautiful pictures there. She seems beautiful and has different amazing looks. Therefore, she gets deals with different brands and posts the collabs on her page. She always expresses gratitude to her fans for loving her.

Popularity Era of Cindy Kimberly

Cindy began her career when the first time she got noticed, Justin Bieber posted a picture of Cindy. After that, she gained a large number of followers on Instagram and then got more modeling  job offers.

Now, she has more than 5.4 million followers on Instagram and works with many brands. Besides, she has also made an appearance on the cover of Vanid and walked in the Milan Fashion Week.

What Does Make Her Personality So Unique?

Her personality has the power to attract a large number of followers. Everyone talks about Cindy Kimberly ethnicity. She has mixed cultural ethnicity. Actually, she was born in Amsterdam but raised in Spain. Therefore, she speaks English, Spanish and Italian, which makes her open to people from all parts of the world.

Her family originates from Costa Blanca in Spain, her mother has a Spanish accent, and her father belongs to Indonesia. She looks photogenic as just the camera loves her. Therefore, this makes her personality more interesting as she also enjoys photography.

Moreover, Cindy has a nice and friendly nature and has always remained humbled. With her work, she inspires the young audience. Cindy has a big circle of friends and also lives with animals. She is a big fan of tv star Dylan O’Brien who is a star in the film Maze Runner and the tv show Teen wolf.

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