Here is Everything About YouTuber and comedian Aba Atlas

Aba Atlas is a popular African-Canadian YouTuber, commentator, and comedian. He used his wisdom to impress people through social media platforms. He owns a YouTube channel with 2.04M subscribers. He gained popularity and wide recognition for his YouTuber video  Dear Mother.

Who Is Aba Atlas?

Aba was born on 30th April 1990 in Ottawa, Canada. The parents of Aba Atlas shifted from Ethiopia to Canada. There is not much detail about the parents. Just we know that her mother came to Canada and worked as a hotel housekeeper to raise 5 children.

Professional Life

Aba Atlas
Image Source @aba.atlas Instagram

Atlas got prominence when it released the video “Dear Mother” on YouTube. It was a fascinating aspect of the Aba story. Well, his parents moved from Ethiopia and he was born in Canada. He was unconcerned about drugs and alcohol. He joined the military, causing his people to be dissatisfied with his decision.

He was attached to the family but reconnected after the age of 18. He lost his father, which greatly impacted him to let go of old behavior. In 2015, Atlas decided to change his career from military to arts. Well, he began the comedy on social media.

His most popular videos are Delicious Tears, black people can’t be racists, Being Ugly, White Guy Visiting a black barber for the First Time, and many more. On the base of all these videos, he gained fame.

Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Aba Atlas
  • Nickname: Aba
  • Date of birth: April 30, 1990
  • Place of birth: Ottawa, Canada
  • Age: 33 years old
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Profession: YouTuber, comedian
  • Instagram: @aba.atlas

Aba Atlas Relationship Status

Aba Atlas posted a video on YouTube titled ‘I was the villain” in July 2020. In this, he explained how not having a strong guy to guide you leads to mistakes and sorrow for others. He said he cheated in a relationship but never accepted that because he had always thought of himself as a moral person. He never felt like harming his partner, but he did.

Both partners had a terrific bond and cultivated an ideal relationship characterized by trust, openness, and understanding. These are all things most people wish for in a relationship.

Well, Aba ended up cheating on his girlfriend and mentioned two reasons; the first was selfishness, and the second was his youth. He feels proud of her and commends her for ceasing to communicate with each other.

Physical Appearance

Aba Atlas
Image Source @aba.atlas Instagram

Aba Atlas is a tall man, standing up at 6 feet in height. He weighed about 78 kilograms (171 pounds). Aba Atlas is known for many things, including his Afro curls and gapped front teeth. At first look, he was hard to recognize because he had shaved it short and grown his facial hair longer.

Military Service

Aba Atlas rose to prominence after uploading the YouTube video Dear Mother. However, the part of Aba’s story that takes place before that time has become the most exciting part. The YouTuber was born in Canada after his parents moved there from Ethiopia. He did, however, go back to Africa when he was a child and spent most of his childhood there.

When Aba was a teenager, he didn’t care at all about drugs or alcohol. He eventually joined the military, which upset his parents. Aba wasn’t close to his family until he was 18. It took him about two and a half years to get back in touch with them. He also gave up bad habits after losing his father, which had a significant impact on him.

He lived cheaply while in the military to save money. Aba paid his mother’s mortgage with a savings check on his 23rd birthday. Aba changed his job goals from wanting to work in the military to wanting to work in the arts in 2015. He became a comedian and started to do so with the help of the Montreal comedy scene and social media. Aba won the award for “Prove You’re a Comic.” He played at several events after that, including Just For Laughs.

However, Aba expanded his fan base by teaming up with Erich Preach. The two YouTubers made and shared several videos about different topics. As time passed, more people watched and liked them, making them famous. The channel’s most-watched videos are Dessert Tears, Being Ugly, Men’s Rights vs. Feminism Reaction, and A White Guy Visits a Black Barber for the First Time.

Social media Appearance

Aba is active on social media platforms. Aba has more than 129k followers on Instagram under the account @abanpreach. Moreover, he has 18.4k followers on Twitter and 2.04M subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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