Here Is Everything That You Want To Know About Chris Mortensen

Do you know about the popular American award-winning sports journalist Chris Mortensen? He is not only a sports journalist but also a writer and has worked for ESPN, Monday Night Countdown, ESPN Radio, SportsCenter, and many others, but it has also been active since the 1990s. Let’s hear talk bout all the details of Chris Mortensen’s life.

Early Life

Chris was born on 7th November 1951, in Torrance, California, United States. He went to the North Torrance High School in Torrance, California. After that, he enrolled in El Camino College and also served in the USA army during the Vietnam war.

Professional Life

Mortensen started her journalism career when he realized that he could no longer compete in football, baseball, and football. At that time, he changed his mind about being a teacher and a coach and decided to chase his career as a sports journalist. So, Chris Mortensen began her career with the Daily Breeze newspaper in his hometown in 1969. He worked amazingly and won 18 awards in journalism.

Chris Moretnsen won the National Headliner award for investigative reporting in 1978 and then, in 1987, also got the George Polk award for this reporting work. This man is undoubtedly multitalented and made a documentary film named The Unreal Story of Professional Wrestling.

The most widely known story has been involved in the Deflatgate controversy of 2015. At that time, 11 or 12 footballs were used in the AFC championship game between Indianapolis and New England Patriots.
Chris is also the author of the book that was published in 1991. The book’s name is Playing for keeps: How One Man kept the Mob from Sinking Its Hooks Into Pro Football. This book deals with Mafia within college sports.

Relationship Status

Chris also has a son named Alex, who was a free-agent quarterback in the National Football League. He played for the Tennessee Titans and was cut from the team in 2009. He reported through an ESPN statement that he has stage throat cancer 4. Therefore, he took medical leaves from his on-air program with the cable network and just focused on his health.

Chris Mortensen Net Worth

Chris earns so much from his sports journalism career. According to sources, Chris Mortensen’s net worth is almost $6 million.

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