Here Is Everything That You Want to Know About JaliyahMa

Jaliyah is a popular social media sensation and is referred to as JaliyahMa. She is a popular rapper, lyricist, and social media personality. Let’s here talk about all the details of popular singer and social media influencer, Jaliyahma.

Early Life

Jaliyah was born on 8th February 1998 and became popular when she posted a viral video. Let’s here talk about all the details of life, Jaliyahma. She worked so hard from 2012 to 2018 and became a successful Youtuber. Recently, she decided to start her music aspirations and released many songs which reached over million views.

YouTube and Instagram Career

Jaliyahma began her career on Twitter in April 2012, and her account is under the username @Lifeof_jaliyag. After that, she joined Instagram and gained hundreds of followers. She posts videos on her partner, most of which are related to her lifestyle. In 2017, FunnyMike and Jaliyahma created an account together under the name “ FunnyMike&Jliyah.”

The channel is incredible for the prank wars and managed to gain over 30 million views on the videos. Her most popular video is “ Female V.I.A.G.R.A Revenge prank on Jaliyah which has more than 1300000 views.

Musical Career Journey

There are millions of followers on Instagram, and then she made her name by singing songs. You must listen to her song, and you see the confidence that comes from the rhymes and tunes of the number. Her songs’ concepts can get women and girls addicted to feminine energy. There is a wide range of individuals from all walks of life. She always loves incorporating aggressive flow and atmosphere. Her lyrics are candid.

They have collaborated with many artists, such as Black Money. You can see her collaboration songs on YouTube.
There are many websites where you can listen to her music, such as SoundCloud, Spotify, apple music, and YouTube.

Net Worth of Jaliyahma

Jaliyah is earning a handsome amount of money. According to sources, the estimated net worth of Jliyahma is $1-5 million. Social media is her primary source of income, and then from her music.

Relationship Status

Jaliyaha has a relationship with FunnyMike, and the couple has a daughter named Londyn. Now she is expecting her second child with her partner. She renamed her Youtube channel from FunnyMike&Jaliyah to The MJ Family. She also opened her account named Londyn and decided to stop recording videos.

Her partner also records a video for his account named ‘Funnymike.’ There is a wide range of videos about everyday tasks. She has more than 2.56 million followers. Jaliyahma achieved success with patience, will, and drive. She is a perfect example of how younger people can be successful.

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