Here Is Everything That You Want to Know about Jean Muggli

Some so many people just got famous because of their partner, and Jean Muggli is also one of them. Yes! The reason for her popularity is she married Michael Strahan. He is a popular American personality.  Let’s know everything about Jean Muggli.

Early Life

Jean was born on 30th November 1965 in North Dakota, USA. There is no specific detail regarding her childhood. We know her sister’s name, who grew up with her. The name of the sister is Denise Muggli. In her teenage, she suffered from anorexia. Regarding her education, we know that she was in NYC in primary school.

Professional Life

There needs to be more information regarding her career. Jean worked in a salon for skincare in Manhattan before marriage. At that time, she was not popular in public.

Marriage With Michael Strahan

As we said above, Jean Muggli gained popularity just because of her marriage to Michael Strahan. They met in 1994 and took place in a spa. They fell in love and started dating and married in a short time. Their wedding ceremony was held in 1999 with close family and friends. That was not Michael’s first marriage; he married Wanda Hutchins before that. From the previous marriage, he had a son and a daughter.

Meanwhile, Jean and Michael have twin girls named Sophia and Isabella. They were born in 2004. the problems in their marriage started in 2005, and jean accused that he beats her and having multiple affairs. This all led them to divorce.

Jean Muggli’s Net Worth

Jean did not make money from her career because she was famous as the wife of Michael. However, after gaining popularity, she made some net worth, and now we can say that her estimated net worth is $15 million. However, she also receives $18,000 amount for child allowance.

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