How Thomas Brodie Sangster Gay Rumors Originated

Many actors played the amazing role of gay being straight. Thomas Brodie Sangster played the role of Newt in the movie Maze Runner: The Death Cure and raised many questions regarding his sexuality.

The character played in the movie was interpreted in many ways by fans, and one of his close-to-kissing scenes. Here we will talk about Thomas Brodie Sangster’s shirtless picture with his partner. Is it a rumor or what?

Is Thomas Brodie’s Character Newt Gay?

Thomas interpreted the role of Newt in the movie, and there are so many speculations about him being gay in real life. The scene in Maze Runner that caused the gay rumor was the Dare scene where Thomas and Newt were kissing each other.

However, at the last moment, Thomas backed out, and both of them started laughing. Many people appreciated the kissing scene on YouTube, and people started making videos with the title ‘Newtmas.’However, both the characters might not be gay, but they share a very understanding bond and might be friends and brothers.

Thomas Relationship Status

Thomas has been dating with girlfriend, Gzi Wisdom. He belongs to Australia. According to some sources, they were spotted on Malibu Beach. Thomas Brodie Sangster went shirtless with swimming shorts and glasses, and Gzi opted for a striped swimsuit.

The couple had a relaxing day and enjoyed fruits and coconut water. Well. After a day, they head over to their destinations on a motorcycle where Gzi was holding onto his waist for the ride home.

Thomas posted pictures on Instagram, where she has more than 47.5k followers. Thomas has a verified Instagram account with more than 409k followers. Before that, she dated Patience Harding from 2008 to 2009. He started dating Isabella Melling and had a four-year relationship before separating in 2016. This is all about Thomas and his life.

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