How to start earning online?

Tips and basic information to help you start earning money online.

By : Arshad Farooq Butt

In the first two decades of the 21st century, the world has changed so rapidly that it is safe to say that most of the world’s business is now online and it is arguably the largest industry of the 21st century. But Pakistan’s education system is not moving fast.

On the one hand, online earning is a breath of fresh air for the unemployed youth and on the other hand, our education system is not able to meet the modern requirements. Students are being taught obsolete sciences through books written 25 years ago. And only preliminary information related to each topic is provided.

However, regardless of the discussion, if you want to start online earning, you will find first hand information in this article. You too can benefit from this digital platform by following the instructions given below.

1. Improve your English

For whatever work you have to start, you need customers who can pay you a good price for your expertise. Since English is a global language that is understood in most countries, proficiency in English will be a goldmine for you and will give you the opportunity to do business in many countries of the world.

Spend two months at the Spoken English Institute in Lahore or any major city to learn English. If it is difficult, read English grammar from an English teacher for at least two months and make it a habit to read English newspaper.

2. Master a skill

When you are able to communicate in English with a customer of any country, the second step is to learn a skill, obviously he will pay for the work you do for him instead of your good English. Proficiency in English will be helpful in convincing customers.

Some of the popular skills include Graphic Designing, Facebook Promotions, Instagram Promotions, YouTube Promotions, Guest Posting, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Designing & Digital Marketing.

3. Find the market, the platform

You’ve also learned English, acquired skills, now find a market or platform where you can sell your services. There are millions of customers waiting for you on many platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer.

4. Get help from Google and YouTube

The answer to each of your questions is available in the form of tutorials on Google or YouTube. Get in the habit of researching instead of requesting people. You can learn about all the above mentioned skills and platforms on Google and YouTube.

5. Persistence and hard work

No work is done in a day. You just have to be more patient. Keep yourself updated according to changing requirements.

6. Be courageous to bear the loss

Some experiences go to harm rather than benefit. But it is such experiences that make you successful in the market. Don’t be discouraged by the loss. It is said that wisdom does not come from eating almonds, it comes after deception.

7. Beware of deceivers

Greed blinds the man. We’ve all have read the Greedy Dog Story. But in practical life we ​​still do not avoid and fall into greed and do a good deal of damage. Beware of customers who make unusual offers. Beware of the academies that sell online earnings courses, which are clearing the pockets of the unemployed people.

Those were just a few tips and basic information to help you start earning money online. Young people who are unemployed and looking for a job can not only earn themselves by spending their time in these positive activities but you can also create employment opportunities for others.

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