How to win the Lottery? Easy Tips and Tricks

Winning Lottery is an art which is easy to understand.

Washington ( The Breaking Times – Arshad Farooq Butt ) You buy lottery tickets but you never win? Now, experts have identified three reasons why people are less likely to win the lottery.

Play the Lottery Every Week

Experts say that if you do not play the lottery every week, your chances of winning are reduced. You must play the lottery every week to win.

Consult your Family and Friends before buying the Lottery

The second reason, experts say, is that most people choose the numbers themselves, which makes them less likely to win. People should buy more than one ticket. Because this way they will be more likely to win. Also, consult your friends and family about buying a ticket number and try their luck at winning the lottery as well.

Choose even or odd numbers equally

Experts say the third reason for not winning the lottery is choosing more even or odd numbers.

“People who choose ticket numbers that have a lot of even or odd numbers are less likely to win,” they said.

The chances of winning all odd or even even numbers are less than 3%. To increase the chances of winning, choose numbers that have equally even and odd numbers.

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