I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3 Ended: Will The Series Return For The Next One?

I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 3 is over, and fans are dying for the next season. The series has yet to be renewed, but everyone wants to know whether it will return.

I Love a Mama’s Boy follows the story of couples who deal with the interference of their partners’ overbearing mothers. Already, three seasons have been completed, full of conflicts and humor.

People are in love with this comedy series that arises from Mama’s Boy’s situation. Let’s hear about ‘I Love Mama’s Boy’ season 4, but before that, look at the previous season.

Preview of I Love a Mam’s Boy Season 3

Season 3 was the craziest, as the cast has been a tad out there, but this one takes the wedding cake. Nacncy is the villain in it who topped Laila.

Moreover, she accused her granddaughter of not giving favors and forced a paternity test on her and her daughter-in-law. When the results came, it revealed that Robery was the father, and Nancy was in shock.

On the other side, Leyna was ready to marry Ethan, but he had a weird, flirtatious relationship with his mother, Esther. Moreover,  Laila was so desperate to get rid of Emily that she set her son with another girl.

Tre sacrificed his relationship with Abbey because of his dedication to his mother, Lorenda. In the third season, Matt was trying to pick up the pieces from his broken engagement with Kimberly Cobb, and his mother, Kelly, was a great help.

Storyline of “I Love a Mama’s Boy” Season 4

The story of the fourth season will start where the previous season ended. This show will explore the dynamics of the couples and their mothers-in-law.

In each episode, we see the different scenarios where the mothers try to assert their influence over their sons and their marital relationship, like wedding planning, house hunting, parenting, and many more.

Moreover, the show shows how the couples cope with the challenges and try to balance their love lives with family ties. 

In the coming season, we will see how Leyna and Ethan deal with constant meddling and flirting with their son, how Kim and Matt handle Kelly’s plans for their new house and her involvement.

Meanwhile, we will see the way for Shekeb and Emily to manage Laila’s expectations and demands for the future. Abbey and Tre co-parent their son Kam after the breakup. 

Furthermore, Stephanie and Mike will overcome Liz’s skepticism towards their relationship. Kristy and Robert navigate on Nancy’s disapproval and interference in their engagement. All existing stories are coming in season four, so we can’t wait to watch all the characters.

Who Will Come Back In “I Love a Mama’s Boy” Season 4?

Hopefully, all the couples will come back for the next season. Ethan and Leyna, Kimberly Cobb and Matt Mcadams, Shekeb and Emily Chu, Tre Welch and Abbey England, Mike and Stephanie, Robbery and Kristy are included in the returning cast.

Besides Ethan’s, other Esther Weisman, Matt’s mother, Kelly, Shekeb’s mother, Laila Sekander, Tre’s mother, Lorenda Welch, Mike’s other Liz Micale, and Robert’s mother, Nancy Hernandez, will also appear in the forthcoming season.I Love a Mama's Boy Season 4

It is also possible more new couples will also become part of the next season who have to deal with their partners’ mama’s boy tendencies.

There is no official news about the renewal of season four, but the popularity and ratings give good hope for I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 4.

The show is a loyal fan base series that enjoys watching the drama, and humor comes from unusual relationships. Moreover, there is a lot of potential for new characters and stories.

They will face the consequences of their attachment to their mothers. Therefore, the fourth season will happen very soon unless Ten TLC decides to cancel it for some reason.

Release Date of I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 4

As we said, no official announcement has been made yet for the next season; therefore, we don’t know when the season will be out. However, based on the previous season’s premiere date, we hear many speculations about the release date.

The first season aired on 25 October 2020 with eight episodes, the second in August 2021 with nine episodes, third premiered in November 2021 with nine episodes.

Based on this pattern, the season must come in late 2023 or early 2024 with a similar number of episodes. We don’t know how many episodes will be in the series, but we will update you once we get any confirmed news. We will update you very soon once the producers make the show’s release date.


No trailer is available for I Love a Mama’s Boy Season 4. If TLC renewed the season, the show will be released very soon. We will update you soon once we get any official news.

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