Interview With George Gster: :Let’s Know About It

Did you ever hear about the multi-talented entrepreneur George Gster? He is well-known, and his first rap was released this year. After many years as an entrepreneur and social media influencer, George Gster is making a name in the music world.

However, he got some little help from his rapper friends because the transition took work. Someone asked about the challenges in the music world, and he said how difficult it is these days.

George Gster is a successful person as being social media influencer. He always loved to explore the world. He also made some YouTuber videos and shared how you can become a successful entrepreneur person. Gster believes in taking risks and always tries to get new opportunities.

His entrepreneurial journey includes the lending industry, trucking, real estate, and many others. Dark World is his new rap single and will be released at the end of this year. It is a very soulful and melodic song, and people will really enjoy it.

On asking about his heroes in the industry, he mentioned names such as Oleander, Kurt Cobain, Alice in Chains, Tommy Lee, and Smashing Pumpkins. George is down to earth personality and lives an extravagant lifestyle. We are lucky enough to get a few minutes to interview this multi-talented man.

What Have You Planned For The Future?

My first rap will release soon, and that would be one of the big moves in the entertainment industry and in my career.

How Did you get a record deal?

A-8MM Ent Records found me on social media, where I have many friends in the music world. I started at sound cloud, and many record labels noticed me.

Have You Faced Any Challenges?

Well, I have some good mentors in real estate in Florida. I learned from them, and they always motivated me that if you lose one project, keep moving forward.

What Are Some of Your Favorite Artists?

My favorites are Emo Rock and hip hop music; also, I like alternative rock artists such as Smashing Pumpkins, Rage Against the Machine, and Foo Fighters.

What Advice do You Want to Give to Beginners?

Do research before jumping into anything, and first, know all about the industry. Never make snap decisions, and always have good people around you and advice from them.

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