Is Jake Weary Gay? Let’s know Everything About Jake’ Life and Net Worth

Jake Weary is a popular actor and well-known because of his appearance in different films and tv shows. One of his most prominent roles is noted in Animal Kingdom in 2016, which is based on an Australian film. His character name was Deran Cody; however, due to his role in the film, his sexual orientation came into the public eye. Is Jake Weary Gay or not? Let’s talk about jake sexual orientation, career, and jake Weary net worth.

Private Life

Jake Weary was born on 14th February 1990 in Trenton, New Jersey. His real name is Jacob Weary. His father was a movie director, and his mother is an actress named Kim Zimmer. She also won one Emmy Award during her career. Moreover, he has two siblings named Max and Rachel. Jake was only twelve years old when he took an interest in music and became a rap/hip-hop artist.

In the Animal Kingdom, his character was homosexual; therefore, his sexual orientation made questionable. Jake is a very secretive person and does not share about his love life. Therefore, there is not any right answer whether Jake Weary is gay or not.

Professional Life

Jake began his career when he appeared in Guiding light. It was a tv show in which his mother also appeared and won an Emmy Award for her role. Moreover, he also made an appearance in multiple shows such as Listen Up, Law & Order, Special Victims Unit, Three Rivers, and As the World Turns.

In 2008, Jake Weary appeared in the first film named, Assassination of a High School President. The same year, another one was Altitude and then appeared in a tv show named Fred: The Show. Besides, Jake Weary performed in Pretty Little Liars seasons four and five.

Jake Weary Net Worth

Jake earned most of his money from his acting career. No doubt he was a successful actor. According to sources, jake Weary net worth is $1.6 million. Besides, he also accumulated money from his singing, producing, and a musical career.

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