Isaiah Rashad Gay’s Video Leaked On Reddit & Twitter Leave Scandalized

Rapper Isaiah Rashad became an internet sensation after publicly disclosing a purported homosexual video. Isaiah Rashad Gay’s video was leaked on Reddit and Twitter. Let’s talk about all the details.

A man resembles the rapper who was seen conducting sexual actions with two other men. Rashad and his crew did not comment on the leak. Twitter users are confident that it is a rapper video.

Early Life of Isaiah Rashad

The 30 years old rapper from Chattanooga, Tennessee, was born Isaiah Joel McClain. His mother is a hairdresser who raised him. he discovered his affinity for music by listening to other rappers such as Too Short and Scarface. Among his finest tracks, Smile, Shot You Down, Stuck In the Mud, and many more are included. The rapper has a son and a daughter.

What Reaction Came To Isaiah Rashad’s Alleged Gay Video On Twitter

People wrote derogatory things about the Chattanooga-born rapper, and the video emerged. A user wrote, “
A user on Twitter wrote, ‘I was minding my business scrolling Twitter and Isaiah Rashad tape just popped on my thread, Well! I have had enough today; Good Night.”

Another tweeted, “ Isaiah Rashad Gay tape leak was not words I expected to read today.” Twitter was flooded with words of solidarity for the artist. Many celebrities and fans shared private footage and disclosed his sexuality.

Fellow Rappers Supported Isaiah Rashad

When the Isaiah Rashed gay video leaked, a list of fellow rappers stepped forward to support him, such as Chuck Inglish, Duke Deuce, and many others. Deuce is a rapper from Memphis, Tennessee, and remarked that one’s tastes do not concern him. They should not be discussed by anyone else.

He was a brilliant artist who should always keep his head up. Rapper CJ Fly tweeted, saying, “ no Isaiah slander on my timeline, sending bro love and supporting him no matter what.” Other followers like Jason Aaron also supported him.

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