Izzay Stannard Before Transgendered Identity: life, Net worth and Other details

Izzy Stannard is a famous American actor who gained popularity in the entertainment industry in childhood. Izzy is best known for playing the role of Ben marks in Good Girls, which is a comedy dram series on NBC.

Early Life

Izzy Stannard’s date of birth is 1st October 2004. His birthplace is New York, The United States. His parents’ names are Kristin Johansen and Warren Mash. His mother is an actress, singer, and dancer, and his father is a massage therapist. Izzy went to a professional performing arts school and got excellent training in voice and dance.

What is Izzy Stannard Before

Everyone asks about what is Izzy Stannard before. Actually, he was born as a girl before he declared himself transgender. His original name is Isiah. He went through multiple surgeries to make himself transgender.

Being a Girl

Izzy was a girl when she chose to play the role of a boy named Ben and was supposed to be the son of Annie in the show. However, before the production, Izzy had transgender and started using male pronouns. Jenna Bans, the creator of Good Girls, decided to put this in the storyline.

Izzy Stannard’s net Worth

Izzy has become a talented actor, and according to sources, the estimated net Worth of Izzy is almost $50,000. He is active on social media, such as Instagram, where he has more than 155k followers.


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