Jackie Braasch Big Chief Wife, Chief Never Cheated On His Wife

Before Justin, Big Chief Shearer announced his divorce from his ex-wife Allicia Shearer. There are many rumors about how Justin was cheating on her. It led Justin to speak up on his relationship status and reassured the fans that he had not been unfaithful to Allicia. Jackie Braasch was a big chief wife, and he never cheated on her.

Justin said, there has been a lot of criticism, and people are mad for something I did not do. However, no worries, it is good to have some haters. Once I realized about truth. He is only 18 years old and working as a gas station attendant. They remained in relationship few years and then married in 2006. They also have kids named Covil and Corbin.

The father also expressed his determination to become a good dad and wrote on Instagram, “ Both boys are not getting attention from me that they deserve. I am always chasing the next rush that lower elapsed time, the huge mph numbers, the final round.

It wins the hearts at higher levels than I have completed; there are my biggest fans and my proudest supporters. I will be a professional race car driver and wish I spent less time signing autographs and taking pictures.”

Alicia and Big Chief separated in 2017, confirmed by the Street Outlaws star. The child and Shawn Show also cleared some things regarding their relationship and announced the separation.

Jackie Braasch Big Chief Wife

Big Chief has been dating a beautiful lady, Jackie Braasch. He revealed how he felt when it came to Jackie. There is something that happened in the past and is something I don’t have control over. I am looking at my future. I have plans, and Jackie is my future.

His wife Jackie maintains a low profile on social media platforms. Big Chief does not post many pictures about his personal life. Jackie is a racer and her car-loving boyfriend.

Moreover, she is a member of Car Chix, which is a motorsport organization for women. The website reveals that Jackie comes from a family of drag racers. Her father began taking her to the track as a child. She started racing when she was only eight.

Jackie Braasch said, “ My father has been involved in motorsports for a long time. He began taking me to the track and always included me when working on or racing the cars. He built buildings, and I always helped him by bringing his tools or whatever he needed. I began in junior dragsters when I was eight and had been racing ever since.”

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