Jojo Siwa Net Worth, Early Life, Dating Life and Awards

In the entertainment industry, where many talented celebrities are working among them, some child stars are also showing their best performances.

Jojo Siwa is one of them who always performed well.Jojo is a popular child star who gained popularity when she appeared on Dance Moms.

She owns a YouTube channel named ‘It’s Jojo Siwa’ with more than 10.5 million subscribers. Do you know about Jojo Siwa net worth and all details? Let’s dig into it.

Jojo is a beautiful lady and has a massive fan following just because of her singing career because her song Boomerang was so popular globally. Besides, she appeared in many TVs shows and movies and was nominated for many awards.

Let’s explore all the details of her life, such as Jojo Siwa’s net worth, early life, career, etc., but before that, look at quick information.

The beautiful and young Jojo Siwa is five feet and nine inches tall and weighs 53 kg. The actual body measurement of the popular artist is 30-26-35 inches, and the shoe size is 8.

Siwa looks charming with her blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

Early Life

Jojo Siwa’s date of birth is 19th May 2003, born in Omaha, Nebraska. Her full name is Joelle Joanie Siwa.

Her father’s name is Tom, a chiropractor, and her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, is a dance instructor. Moreover, Jojo has an older brother who is also a YouTuber star.

Jojo was five years old when she enrolled in the dancing academy. After that, she participated in “ Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition and Dance Moms show.

From that time, she became the fan favorite star and gained popularity all around the world. Also, her first single, Boomerang, made her popular; everyone likes this song.


Siwa got famous when she appeared in Dance Moms, and her name was included in the top five finalists of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. In 2016, she published her single, ‘ Boomerang,’ in which she raised her voice about cyberbullying.

However, she also released I can make you dance this year and always uploaded her singles on Youtube. People really appreciated her and listened to her music.

On behalf of dance moms, she got popularity in the tv award in 2016, and the next year, she also won the Nickelodeon kid’s Choice Award in the viral music star category. Besides, Jojo Siwa’s name was also mentioned in the breakout artists of the year in 2018.

Jojo Siwa Relationship

Relationship Status

According to rumors, Siwa was dating YouTube star and singer Mattu B in 2015. Moreover, she was also linked with actor Thomas Kuc, but that was only a rumor. Now she is only focusing on her career.

There were many rumors about her personal life as she had been dating a TikTok star Mark Bontempo in 2015.

Jojo came out as part of the LGBTQ+ community on social media platforms in January and revealed that she was in a relationship with her best Kylie Prew.

However, this relationship did not last long and ended in late 2021, and again back together in May 2022. She was seen with the content creator Avery Cyrus in August, but they separated in December 2022.

Jojo Siwa Net Worth

Jojo Siwa net worth is almost $8 million, so she is living a happy life. Jojo earns from YouTuber videos and her singing career. Reports say she earns $16.9k-$270.4k in a month and $3.2 million a year.

Jojo Siwa is a popular singer, actress, and model, and most of her earning comes from this industry; according to sources, Jojo Siwa net worth is $20 million.

Once, she appeared in the show ‘ Abby’s Ultimate Dance competition and then in Dance Moms, which helped her to achieve real success.

Besides, Jojo Siwa earns from YouTube as she posts videos there and gets millions of views. There are more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube and considered the most influential people in the world.

Her income comes from her YouTube channel, with over 12 million subscribers. The channel contributed almost $9 million to her net worth. Just at the age of 16, she purchased her mansion, that has worth $3.5 million.


What is special about JoJo Siwa?

She is one of Time's 100 Most Influential People. During the seventeenth season of America's Got Talent, JoJo and Jessalyn formed the group XOMG Pop that were previously discovered on Siwa's Dance Pop Revolution who auditioned by singing "Candy Hearts". The judges were impressed and promoted them to the next round.

Is JoJo Siwa safe for kids?

Now, even the littlest of kids can see what inclusion looks like, and so can their parents.” While most of Siwa's content may seem harmless to a young viewer, parents need to be aware and wary of the content that is easily accessible by their children.

Why is JoJo Siwa an inspiration?

JoJo Siwa Inspires Young People as an LGBTQ+ Role Model and Advocate for Childhood Cancer Research.

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