Kawa Leauma passed Away in Spanish: Rugby Player Died From Head Injuries.

Spanish guy rugby international Kawa Leauma passed away in Spanish. His age was 32 years old at that time.
He got severe head injuries, so he was sent to a hospital in Amsterdam but lost his life.

Spain Rugby Federation shared this shocking news, “We regret to inform you of the death of Kawa Leauma. He suffered from an accident after Spain’s match against the Netherlands in Amsterdam.”

Kawa had traveled to the Netherlands with the Spanish rugby squad for a Six Nations B Match against the Netherlands. It is reported to have fallen 25 feet from the shopping center terrace. He was born in Auckland, New Zealand, and sent to hospital for surgery.

Ordizia Rugby Elkartea revealed that the hospital update and said the news that we received yesterday was not hopeful, and there was need a for surgery. Spain defeated Holland; however, Leauma played for Samoa.

Well, he would not be playing on Saturday but stayed to see the game. First, his absence was linked to testing positive for Covid. After that, officials decided to postpone his official debut with the senior team due to the red tape issue.

The incident happened when he returned to his hotel. It was nearby in Leiden, Amsterdam. Some reports suggest that Kawa has entered an area where the floor could have given way beneath him. Alas! he was passed away in Spanish.

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