Kirk Floribama Shore Star Medas’s Girlfriend, Wren Marie!

Floribama Shore is a pan-American reality series that premiered on 27th November 2017. The show is all about the vacation hookups and seems to be the exception to the hooking-up rule for Kirk.

During the show, Kirk Floribama Shore star remained faithful to Wren Marie. He made an appearance during season four.  Wren’s appearance in the show dug into her life to unveil more information. The article is all about the Wren Marie biography.

Life of Wren Marie

Wren was born on 26th May, and kirk gave a caption on her birthday,’ happy birthday, best friend/lover. Furthermore, he said, I appreciate you for always being there for me no matter what. You are my better half and the best person I know.

You are a real deal ride or die and one of a kind. You are so beyond your years, and it’s sexy af; I love you. You are the most beautiful person in every way that I have ever met. Please never change love; there is only one Wren Mari, more life.”

Wren lives in Atlanta, Georgia, but her hometown is still a mystery. The height of Wren is five feet and six inches. She has an amazing curvy body. According to sources, she studied nursing. In 2017, Wren started dating Kirk.

Her boyfriend is 27 years old and lives in Atlanta. He was also raised in a competitive environment and had a share of negative and positive experiences. It is interesting that Kirk also has a criminal record but never hesitates to share it. In 2010, Kirk was arrested for battery and a charge of underage drinking.

Wren posted a picture on a beach and gave the caption ‘365,’ suggesting a year of togetherness in September 2018. Kirk always shares pictures of their trip to Montego, Bay, Jamaica. However, Wren and Kirk Floribama Shore did not make an appearance until 2021.

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