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If you are a regular social media user, then no doubt you heard about George Gstar. He is an amazing and multi-talented entrepreneur who will release his first rap single this year. After years of being a social media influencer and entrepreneur, George debuted in the music world.

George Gstar faced many challenges in the music world and mentioned how difficult they were these days. He also got little help from his rapper friends. No doubt his transition into the music industry was not easy enough. He faced challenges, but he said they made him more strong.

Gstar has become successful and explored the whole world. Always search for new opportunities, and he has taken on many entrepreneurial journeys in which lending, recycling, real estate, and many other industries are included. Moreover, George has some amazing Youtube videos about how to succeed as an entrepreneur. According to George, work hard and take risks.

George’s new rap single name is ‘ Dark World,’ which would release at the end of 2023. He describes it as a melodic song, a soulful song that people will enjoy. Moreover, he mentions names like Oleander, Alice in Chains, Tommy Lee, Kurt Cobain, and Smashing Pumpkins when he talks about music industry heroes.

George’s lifestyle is self-indulgent, and he is humble and believes in giving back. No doubt he is a multi-talented man. His interview goes viral let’s see a glimpse of this interview’s questions and answers.

What Do You Have Planned For the Future?

George Said, I am ready to release my first rap video and move into the entertainment world where I would love to do some acting.

How did you get a record deal?

A-8MM Ent. Records found him on social media. He said I have many music industry friends and well-known rappers.

Have You Ever Faced Some Challenges?

George said I am very lucky to have some amazing mentors in my life who always guided me. When I got into real estate in the Florida area, that taught me about finding the right projects to work on; if you lose one project, never lose hope; keep working.

Who is Your Favorite Artist?

I have many favorite artists, like alternative rock. Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Tommy Lee, Foo Fighters, and Rage Against The Machine.

What Advice Do You Have For Beginners?

Do research before jumping into it. Try to know the industry well and make a snap decision. Have good people around you who can advise your best.

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