The importance of lean muscle mass strengthening

The ratio of fat mass and lean tissue in our body needs to be in a healthy composition.

By : Mehwish

As we age, it is very challenging for us to keep the composition of healthy body. In other words, the ratio of fat mass and lean tissue in our body needs to be in a healthy composition.

Lean body mass

Lean body mass consists of our bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, internal organs, and plasma, in short everything in our body which is not fat, is included in lean body mass.

According to MIDSS’s experts, we begin to lose weight from our mid-forties. A person gets almost 1 pound of fat every year. Whereas he loses almost 1/2 pound of his muscles.

A person loses almost 50% of his total muscles when he reaches the age of 75. Losing in lean tissues, finally he loses the strength and also put his life at a greater risk of diseases.

Lean body mass combats obesity

Lean body mass is associated with our basal metabolic rate (BMR) and also depends on the number of calories we burn at rest. At rest, muscles require energy in the form of calories but fat cells do not require energy at rest. Lean muscles are very important. Greater the number of lean muscles, the greater the number of calories burnt throughout the day. If lean muscles decrease in the body it will lead to obesity and obesity is the leading cause of many chronic diseases.

Protection against diabetes

Muscles play a very important role to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and also clearing glucose from the blood. Insulin resistance can surely be called the primary reason of diabetes. It occurs when the pancreas secretes insulin in response to high sugar meals but this insulin cannot simulate the body muscle to take excess glucose from the blood. Lean muscles enhance glucose take up from the blood and prevent diabetes.

Strong bones

Lean muscles also make bones strong and healthy. Greater muscles mass is an indicator of strong bones in both men and women.

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