Let’s Know Who Is Everleigh Soutas Dad?

Everleigh Soutas’s parents have been separated, but still, they give her all their love and support. She enjoys love from her stepfather. She is a social media sensation and became successful with more than 4.9 million followers on Instagram. Do you know who is Everyliegh and his father? Let’s know everything about it.

Who Is Everleigh Soutas Father

Her father’s name is Tommy Smith, and she works at inter sky in skylights and daylighting solutions. Everleigh’s father lived in Mission Viejo and graduated from Trabuco High School.

Now Tommy lives in California. Everleigh’s mother’s name is Savannah, and she gave birth to Everleigh at 18. The parents separated, and then the father’s relationship started with Courtney Santaella.

However, Tommy always tries to spend some quality time with his daughter. He does not have any problem with reuniting with his daughter and ex-wife. He also became the good friend of Cole LaBrant, who is Savannah’s husband.

The stepfather also loves Everleigh a posted a picture on Instagram in which he was kissing her hand. Moreover, in 2016, cole met her, and she gave him a hug, and he felt just like his own daughter. He says meeting with Savannah and Everleigh was a work of God, and he is thankful for it.

Moreover, he said he would love Everleigh, whatever she chooses to be in life. Moreover, the interesting thing is that when Cole proposed to her, he brought a ring, gave it to Everleigh, and said would you become his daughter?

Cole and Savannah’s Relationship

When Savannah separated from Tommy, she started a relationship with Cole, a popular music star. These love birds engaged in February 2018 and posted the picture on Instagram in which he wrote that he was lucky to have two princesses.

The first video was featured on 23rd August 2013 on YouTube by Everleigh Soutas, where she has seven million followers. According to sources, Everleigh’s estimated net worth is $2 million, and she wears the most expensive clothes.

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