Lori Maddox Current Relationship Status, Early Life, Career, and Net Worth

Rock and roll were very popular in America during the 70s. The vital part of this music was groupies. Lori Maddon was a groupie at that time means a follow star, and caught the attention because of her drug and sex addiction. At that time, she was only 14; therefore, that was considered a bigger scandal. Here let know Lori Maddox current relations history and all; other details.

Early Life

Lori Maddox was born on 29th November 1958, in the United States. She was raised with her family and always hang out with friends. She finished high school and then went to Saint Monica College. She was in high school when she met Sable Starr, who was also a groupie. So Sable included her in this world, and they visited a lot of clubs.

Relationship Status

During the rock and roll period, being a groupie meant you would sleep with any stars. Lori was involved with many celebrities during her teenage period. According to sources, she slept with David Bowie and met with him in one of the clubs.

After that, she fell in love with Jimmy Page even though he was twice her age, but they remained in a secret relationship. After some time, she was with another woman in bed the groupie left him.

Well, her fun life continued, and she got involved with many other stars too. At one event, she was caught with Iggy pop while doing drugs. Besides, one-night stands with Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, John Bonham, and many other rock and rollers. She got many criticisms during her life and mentioned that she is not regrating of anything whatever she has done.

Lori Maddox is now married to Raymond, who is not a celebrity. The couple also has a son, and his name is Shaun. At this time, she is also involved in fashion.


Although her net worth is not revealed until now, we can say for sure that her annual salary is $40 thousand.

Lori Maddox’s Net Worth

According to different sources, Lori Maddox’s annual salary is $40k, but no one knows about her net worth.

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