Ludwika Palette and Plutarco Haza: Why They Separated?

Ludwick Palette is a popular actress and Mexican people really loved her because of her long career on television. She always kept his family life private and stay away from scandals. She came into controversy because of her divorce from Plutarcio Haza. Let’s talk about the details.

The actress is a mother of two and is now 42 years old. She has a beautiful family like a mother of three children named Nicolas, Barbara, and Sebastian. The beautiful lady married twice; her first husband is Plutarco Haza and then her second with Emiliano Salinas Occelli. Emiliano is her current husband.

Ludwik met Plutarco Haza in a bar and married. Their first son was born on 11th November 1999. She became a mother first time at the age of 21. However, this marriage failed and she separated from his husband.

Ludwika and Plutarco Haza: Why They Divorce?

Plutarch Haza and Ludwik married on 18th April 1997. They made a beautiful family but many problems arose that affected their relationship.

According to rumors, she and her husband announced the separation in 2008 and signed the divorce in 2010. Well, this love story ended after nine years of marriage. According to some entertainment media sources, neither palate nor Plutarco explained the reason for their separation.

In a recent interview with Mara Patricia, she encouraged me to talk about the separation from Plutarco. In an interview, she published on YouTube and recalled this difficult stage in her life. 

Haza said, the separation was a severe blow to the point that he thought about leaving acting, she also opened up and revealed the details at the end of her marriage.

The actress told Mara, I don’t want to sound ugly because my marriage gave me many things. The most precious thing that I love in the world is Nicolas but had to live something else, freed myself, and get rid of so many things. Well, I became another person and learned a lot.

After the separation, the actress started dating one and the other. These are things how are going to learn, experience, and learned so much.

Furthermore, she said, Well, I met a wonderful man, we love and enjoy each other, and laugh together. We have beautiful children. Emiliano Salinas Occelli is my current partner of mine. 

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