Malia Obama Bio, Career, Personal Life, Net Worth 2023

People are really anxious to know about the daughter of Barack Obama, Malia Obama. She is the eldest daughter of former United States President Barack Obama. She is a popular and powerful teen in the USA.

Early Life

Malia Obama’s full name is Malia Ann Obama. Malia was born on 4th July 1998 in Chicago, Illinois. Michael gave birth to her at the University of Chicago Medical Center by a family doctor named Anita Blanchard. In her early life, her father was an American Senate lawyer and professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Michael worked at the University of Chicago as a Dean.

Sasha is a younger sister of Malia. She went to Chicago Laboratory School and then Sidewall Friends School. It is a private school in America, and after some time, they left Chicago for Washington, DC. She entered Harvard University in 2017.

Relationship Status

Malia and Sasha Obama have been described as two of the most prominent young people in the world. These are popular teens in the United States who love shopping.

But they always shop from luxurious centers such as City Center Bishop Ranch, one of her favorites. Malia has been dating Rory Farquharson, who is a British student at Harvard University. She is also viral because of smoking cigarettes.

Career and Awards

Malia Obama is a soccer fan and competed in her first soccer game at Harvard University. She had a music band with Sasha and Godsisters and also issued two albums. She went to Sidwell Friends School and was the council’s treasurer. After that, she became the vice president and then president.

Moreover, Malia worked in the summer in New York and Los Angeles television studios. She played basketball, volleyball, and tennis championships. Also, she is the winner of the Gatorade player of the year award for two sports. In 2015, Google listed her as the second most searched celebutante in the world.

In addition, she is an active humanitarian and helps poor young children. Malia was also interested in many organizations and campaigns.

Malia Obama Net Worth

According to sources, Malia Obama net worth is almost $200k. She did many internships and participation in the American sports department. 

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