Maria Caroline Ingraham Bio, Life, Net Worth and Other Details.

Maria Caroline Ingraham is the popular daughter of Laura Ingraham; she is the popular host on the Fox News Channel. However, the interesting fact is that she is not her biological daughter, as she adopted her from a foster care home. However, their bond was always strong, just like a real mother and daughter. Lara said the adaptation was her best decision in life. Let’s know about her daughter Maria Caroline Ingraham’s life details.

Early Life

Maria is an American national and was born in Guatemala. No one is known her real date of birth because she is not the biological daughter of Laura. Laura adopted her in May 2008, and at that time, she was only three years old. She took her from the Orphanage home in Guatemala and changed her name to Maria Caroline Ingraham.

Maria spent her childhood in the United States along with her two siblings. After a year of adaptation of Maria, the popular host adopted another child name Michael Dmitri from Moscow and then took a third named Nikolai Peter Ingraham from Russia.

Story of How Maria caroline Ingraham became a part of Laura’s family

Laura says the adoption of maria was the most amazing day of her life. She announced the news on her radio show and welcomed a little girl from Guatemala. She spent most of her time with her friend’s children and was ready to become a parent. Laura described that when she saw Maria, she knew she wanted to become her mother and bring her home. She is a very beautiful daughter.

Laura did not marry, but she amazingly performed amazing parent duty. Laura has also remained in a couple of relationships, but they all ended. She dated Keith Olbermann, Dinesh D’Souza ando James Reyes, but all broke up.

Personal Life

Maria’s career information is never revealed; she is just famous as the daughter of Laura. She focused on her studies and did not have a boyfriend. Even she is not active on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Maria Caroline Ingraham Net Worth

There is no information available regarding Maria Caroline Ingraham earnings. She is just studying but has a successful and wealthy mother.

We can say that her net worth of Laura is the net worth of her daughter. Laura is earning from her radio hosting career at Fox News Channel. According to sources, Laura’s net worth is almost $45 million. All the adopted children of Laura are enjoying her wealth

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