Mel B Talks About Her Relationship with Eddie Murphy In New Memoir

Eddie Murphy asked Mel’s father for her hand in marriage and shifted her daughter into his Hollywood Hills mega-mansion before the relationship fell apart. America’s got a talent judge who is brutally honest, and published next month. She and the Hollywood star relationship was far longer and more meaningful.

She claimed that she forced him to take a DNA test to prove the paternity of their daughter Angel and also pressurize him to acknowledge the child. According to Mel B, ‘ the Beverly Hills Cop Star had the momentous effect on her life, and their bond was so strong as they had each other’s autographs tattooed on the top of their thighs. In 2017, the relationship ended in a bitter paternity battle.

The star also admits that the world-renowned comedian felt like living in a glided café and had never met a man who wanted to possess her so completely. The claims are one of the first proper insights into the relationship, happened in 2006 and surrounded by silence from Murphy and Brown. He uses the book to put her side of a relationship and says he saw her wrongly portrayed as a tramp and gold digger.

She maps out a timeline that puts their pair together for nine months. Brown is 32 years old and says, it was the first sight. Mel writes it was a 2000-volt electric current that had passed between us. I just felt a hundred different emotions at once, happy, confused, scared, and relaxed…..

Mel met the actor through a mutual friend who was pestered by the actor to introduce her. Mel was single after coming out of a long-term relationship and was invited to a dinner party at the actor’s home. The couple started dating after Murphy’s divorce from his first wife named Nicole Mitchell brown in 2006. He has been in relation with Paige Butcher since 2012.

She looked around and locked eyes with Murphy and writes in the book like it felt like fireworks and started going off inside her. Mel rushed to the nearest bathroom to compose herself and decided to leave because she could not handle the situation describing herself as ‘freaked out.’ She left the bathroom and walked straight into Murphy and blurted out an excuse as to why she had to leave.

However, Mel told him she arranged to meet friends at the Mondrian hotel but drove home. She got dressed and put her makeup back on and went to the Mondrian. He was the perfect gentleman over dinner and the next day. She said, Melanie, do you mind if I see you every day for a few days, will you come to my house? Mel described the star’s home as a beautiful pristine mansion and was incredible.

She wrote there was a glass roof that opened at the push of a button. He had a giant Jacuzzi that Murphy had never used and made him get in it naked. In July 2006, Mel became pregnant on vacation with Murphy. He was delighted to learn she was expecting and asked her daughter to move in. There was a gym that Mel said was fit for an Olympic athlete and a huge swimming pool.

Murphy would play Elvis in movies like Blazing Saddles and also speak about his childhood in projects in New York. She described a magical kingdom he had created around him in which Stevie would come and play the piano and Hollywood Denzel was a regular guest. He was famous for hit movies like Trading Places and The Nutty Professor and his voiceover work on Shrek is worth an estimated $85 million. Every night his personal chef prepares a lavish buffet for family and friends and that was not the end of his generosity.

She said the relationship was incredibly special as they did not have sex until six weeks after meeting, she went out to buy some green see-through underwear embroidered with cherries and cracked jokes about popping my cherry.
Furthermore, she said, when it happened it was not sex, that was like pottery, every touch, and kiss completely besotted with each other. Mel said, her family approved her

When it happened it wasn’t sex. It was like poetry, every touch, every kiss every sense out of this world. We were both completely besotted with each other,’ she writes. Mel says her family approved of Murphy because they’d never seen her so ‘blissed out. She wrote, every day I would wake up and tell myself I was the most beautiful, incredible woman and never felt so loved.

It was Murphy who pushed for their relationship to go to the next level. They wanted to get married and have a baby with her after just a few weeks. Mel says how her dad flew over from the UK and Murphy booked the dining room at Viceroy L’Ermitage which was an old-style hotel in Beverly Hills.

Well, they planned to marry at Christmas and she got pregnant on vacation with him in Mexico in July 2006. She tells how Murphy asked her father Martin for her hand in marriage. Eddie made me happier than any man I would ever meet. The relationship was going so well and Murphy soon asked her and her daughter Phoenix to move in with him.

After some months, Mel started to dislike living in a crowded house and became aware that a lot of his friends did not like her. Mel suggested they buy a house together and separated their time between properties. Mel told Murphy she needed a break and was flying back home to leads for a few days to think things over. Mel talks about her romance with the actor in her memoir, brutally honest and released on 27th November 2018.

He began calling her friends and had a long chat with her mother Andrea professing his love for her daughter. She says I loved this man and he was walking the red carpet to promote his movie, dreamgirls. She called Murphy and said to him, ‘ thanks a lot and that was really f***king stupid and I can’t forgive you for this and I am going to make you do a DNA test.’

Mel admits that she tried calling him back afterward to see if she could make amends but she was met with a wall of silence. She writes, ‘ I was a joke and gold digger, A tramp and woman who had conned a man into having a baby. The 32 years old woman gave birth to a child whose father refused to acknowledge or claim.’ The star announced on 22nd June 2007 that a DNA test confirmed that Murphy was the father. First Murphy has nine children with five different women and now Paige is expecting his tenth.

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