Monica Lewinsky’s Height, Family, Career, and Affair With Bill Clinton

Monica Lewinsky is a social media personality, activist, and fashion designer. She is also famous as the former White House Intern, and her friendship with Bill Clinton caused a stir during his tenure. Let’s talk about all the details of Monica Lewinsky’s height, age, career, etc.

Monica is also a contributing writer and trying to combat cyberbullying. Moreover, she is also a co-producer on Impeachment: American Crime Story, a 10-episode tv series on the sex scandal that ended nearly Clinton’s presidency. This story was picked by the FX series and aired on 7th September 2021.

Early life of Monica Lewinsky

Monica Lewinsky was born on 23rd July 1973. Her birthplace is San Francisco, California, and she was raised in the Westside Brentwood neighborhood in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Her father’s name is Bernard Lewinsky, and he is an oncologist, and her mother is a published author.

Monica Lewinsky’s height is five feet and six inches. She got an education from the London School of Economics to study psychology.

Relationship Status

Monica Lewinsky was married in September 2021, but her husband’s name was not revealed yet. She once said you could ask about it, but I keep my life a secret. People have known enough about my romantic life for a lifetime. Well, she proved her words and kept her life a secret over the years.

She has never been married and had children. During the interview with the New York Times, she said she wanted a  husband and children and to be treated normally.

The Clinton Lewinsky Affair

President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinsky were involved in a political sex scandal in 1998. They had this relationship from 1995 to 1997. Once Clinton said in 1998, “he did not have sexual relation with that woman.” Further investigation led to perjury charges and impeachment by the US House of Representatives in 1998.

Well, in the trial, he was acquitted of all impeachment accusations of perjury and obstruction of justice. Well, the judge fined Clinton $90,000. His license of law was suspended for five years. And he was prevented from presenting matters.

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