Myla Sinanaj Net Worth, Bio, Life, and Other Details

Some people got famous as actors, actresses, writers, singers, reality stars, journalists, and others also gained popularity as spouses of celebrities. Myla is one who got popular as the ex of the star. Yes! She was the ex-girlfriend of Kim Kardashian.

Early Life

Sinanaj was born on 1st January 1987, in Ellenville. Her birthplace is Ulster County, New York, USA. Her parents came to the United States before she was born, that’s why she has American nationality. She completed high school in Ellenville. After that, she started work at Gansevoort Park Hotel as a manager. Now, she lives in Rutherford, New Jersey.


When Myla was working at a hotel, she met Kris Humphries. At that time, he was in the limelight of the media. It is because she divorced Kim Kardashian. The interesting fact is that the marriage just remained for 72 years. Kris is a basketball player and is well-known because of Kim. Myla thought she looked like Kardashian as she always tried this.

Well, Myla used this opportunity, and in 2013 she accused Kim that she was cheating on Kenya west. According to her own word, she never revealed it. After this scandal, Sinanaj came into the porn industry and kept her name Anti Kim Kardashian XXX. The lady wanted to become popular overnight, just like Kim; however, it did not happen.

Fans of Kim did not like her and insulted her Myla tried very hard to be a model, but she failed. Also, she wanted to become a singer and released a single with Adam Bart named I’m on Angel. According to some reports, she had done many plastic surgeries because she wanted to seem like Kim Kardashian. On her surgeries, she spent almost $30k.

Myla Sinanaj and Kris Humphries Net Worth

Myla always tried different occupations to earn money. Her estimated net worth is $200k. On the other hand, maybe she wanted Kris Humphries net worth. According to reports, Kris Humphries net worth is $35 million.

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