New Look of Ricky Martin’s Son Valentine Martin

Do you know who is Ricky Martin? Ricky is an international star who always received appreciation all around the world.  His son Valentino Martin has shown his talent through Tok and got thousands of followers. Here we will talk about all the details of Ricky’s son Valentino Martin. Most people are talking about his new look.

New Look of Valentino Martin

The popular star Ricky’s son got famous just like him and become an influencer on Tok with 22k followers. He posted his videos there and in a recent look, he showed his publications. In the new look, his hair is bleached yellow and has long bands. Valentino came with black framed glasses and wore colorful clothes.

He never feels shy to share his new look on other social media accounts such as Twitter. His father did not talk about his son publicly but netizens praised his physical appearance. Some said him very handsome, beautiful, etc.

Valentino TikTok

Valentino is active on Tiktok under the username @tigamingno8. He owns a mansion in Los Angeles where he shares his videos of daily routine. Moreover, he also makes videos on dancing. Martin’s joins viral trends and other types of content. In recent videos, he was dancing to the “ Orange Justice dance Emote which is a popular song from the video game.

Valentino Martin Shows off his luxury home

Through TikTok, he already has caught the attention of the public when showed a luxury house in Puerto Rico.

He posted that “ the remodeling of our house has been completed 94%. Here is inside and outside and showed the part of his home in the Caribbean. 

Ricky’s Personal Information

Ricky married Swedish girl Jwan Yosef. She was a painter and the couple has four children. The eldest son is Valentino Martin and the little ones were born through surrogacy in 2008. The other children’s names are Lucia and Renn.

Ricky started his music career with the group named Slight. He got a lot of recognition and returned in 1989. Later, Ricky participated in many series like General Hospital. He devoted himself to a musical career.

In 10 best studio albums, A mediovivir, I will love you, Ricky Martin, Vuelve, Sound Loaded, Music + Soul, and many others are included.

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