Norma Palafox: The Mexican Soccer Player Exatlon United States Champion

On 23rd August, it was announced that Norma Palafox, a Mexican soccer player, won the fifth season of Exatlon United States. This announcement was made after beating the gymnast in the final, Nathalia Sanchez.

Well, everything was decided in the Olympic pool circuit. Norma won the prize of 200k dollars and obtained three points in the multiple circuits that were submitted to the competition. These circuits are the force circuit, speed circuit, and amphibious circuit.

In Rio 2016, the gymnast Nathalia could not overcome the former Chivas del Guadalajara player in the last competition.

Norma Palafox announced, “ I am leaving here with this in my arms as everyone wants. I am happy because I kept my promise to my mother.”

Norma is one of the bombings of the Pachuca gophers at the beginning of 2021. Her debut was postponed because of the entry of a soccer player in the show named Exatlon United States. After the second adventure, the two years old could return to Mexico and report with the Pachuca Tuzas.

The full name of Norma Palafox is Norma Luz Irene Duarte Palafox. She won over the fans of Rebano Sagrado in the 2017 Apertura. Also, she participated in the title of the rojiblanco team. She could be with us tomorrow, have an entire squad, and work to the maximum that Jaime Correa revealed.

Norma would perform the medical tests between August and September. Now She is continuing to monopolize the spotlight of the Liga MX Femenil. The flock denounced that he has faced harassment in social networks and games, which is annoying.

Pachuca Female

Pachuca Female is well known through their social media platforms. Tona is leaving the gophers because of personal conflicts. These conflicts mean he can not continue his career with the club, and that is the best decision for both parties.

Who is Tona?

Tona is the first foreign in the leading team of the MX League. He added 23 games with ten wins, eight losses, and five draws. She reached the quarterfinals, and she was eliminated at Guard1anes 2021. Correa played from 2001 to 2010 and returned in 2013. Then in the second stage, he played one tournament and in the promotion division, where he retired in 2014.

The substitute could be nothing more and less than the former footballer Jaime Correa. Correa played from 2001 to 2010 and returned in 2013. He played in one tournament and played in the promotion division, and he returned in 2014.

Jaime won four of the six Liga MX titles that the Pachuca club returned last year and played a role as technical director of the U18 team. In his second stage, he only played one tournament and then played in the promotion division, where he retired professionally in 2014.

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