Parizaad Drama – The story of a Dark Skin Hero

Parizaad faces a great deal of embarrassment while growing up

By : Mehwish

Parizaad, our hero is brought into the world with unfortunate conditions, a helpless family of eleven individuals and dark skin. We as a whole always prefer people with fair complexion to make friends or to even talk with.

Full Story of Hum Tv Drama Parizaad

Parizaad doesn’t have a fair colour, however at that point his name Pari-zaad, which implies child of a Pari (fairy), is a stark difference. Fairies, by generalization, suggests that the individual is beautiful with a very good complexion and amazing face features like a fairy (Pari).

Parizaad faces a great deal of embarrassment while growing up. Yet, the main huge blow in his life comes when he loves a young lady in his home area. Naheed exploits him for her own advantages and says, “No one will accept that a young girl can fall in love with you“.

Parizaad acquires some notoriety and respect, but still individuals make him embarrassed for his looks and colour. That is the point at which he runs to Lubna. She is a student who plays the character of the heroine in Parizaad’s Urdu interpretation of Othello. She treats Parizaad well but she is married to a rich man Seth Abid.

Urdu Poetry in Parizaad Drama

Parizaad starts searching for some work, any job that may pay him so he can be able to give cash to his eager family. He works at a studio. Fortunately, the owner Ustad Mastana is a person with a strong affection for poetry and they manage everything well. Mastana assists Parizaad with getting to Dubai. To collect money for visa and other things, Parizaad sells his poetry to Seth Abid.

In Dubai, Parizaad lives with Rafeeq, Ustaad Mastana’s family member. He began working for Behroz Ibrahim who is an Indian rich man in Dubai. Behroz designates him as his wife Laila’s Bodyguard. Parizaad gets impacted by the innocence of Laila. However, she also exploits him. Behroz gets captured in Dubai and he gives his cash to Parizaad and requests him to return to Pakistan.

Parizaad gets back to Pakistan and he becomes a rich man. Individuals’ disposition towards him changes. Pairzaad meets a young lady Qurat-ul-Ain also known as Aine. She loves Parizaad’s poetry and he feels in affection with her for real this time. Parizaad is left alone again and Aine’s cousin Adnan who adores her takes her for surgery of her eyes.

Sufism in Parizaad Drama

Parizaad goes to the station and meets Faqeera and spends time there. Individuals believe he’s a Sufi and requests him for making dua for them.

Pairzaad leaves the city. Indeed, even in the new town, people come to him to make dua from ALLAH for them. He returns to his town after some time. He doesn’t take care of his health and becomes weak.

Last Episode of Parizaad Drama

After some time, a young lady comes to Parizaad and asks him to make dua so that she could find somebody she’s looking for. That young lady is Aine, that blind lady whom Parizaad loved. Aine knew from Kamali about Parizaad’s feelings. She returns to find Parizaad but she is late. Parizaad actually dies at the end of the Novel.

This famous novel is now being dramatized on Hum Tv network and its 19 episodes are done. Possibly for the dramatization story, the ending could be different then the novel. The main cast of Pari zaad are as under:

Hum Tv Drama Parizaad Cast
  1. Nauman Ijaz
  2. Ahmed Ali Akbar
  3. Syed Muhammad Ahmed
  4. Urwa Hocane
  5. Ushna Shah
  6. Yumna Zaidi
  7. Saboor Ali
  8. Mashal Khan
  9. Tipu Shah
  10. Kiran Tabeer
  11. Leyla Zuberi
  12. Madiha Rizvi
  13. Malik Hamid Raza
  14. Nadia Afgan
  15. Paras Masroor
  16. Saad Azhar
  17. Dilnasheen Mazhar
  18. Tahira Imam
  19. Ismat Zaidi
  20. Anjum Habibi
  21. Faiz Chuhan
  22. Saleem Mairaj
  23. Nargis Rasheed
  24. Munazzah Arif
  25. Jaun Elia (Childstar)
  26. Raza Abid
  27. Salma Hassan & Others.
Hum Tv Drama Parizaad Writer:
  • Hashim Nadeem
Hum Tv Drama Parizaad  Director:
  • Shehzad Kashmiri
Hum Tv Drama Parizaad  Producer:
  • Momina Duraid Productions
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