Pat Perez Wife Makes horrific Tiger Woods Comment

We see the war of words between two pro golfers Pat Perez and Tiger woods. Pat Perez’s wife has been involved in this, and we saw a shocking Instagram comment. It began when Woods criticized the LIV Golf tour in July. The golf legend said those who left PGA tour for the upstart league. They turned their back on what has allowed them to get to this position.

Moreover, he also criticized the notion that LIV players need more incentive to work hard because so much money is guaranteed regardless of their performances. Woods replied at this time, what are these players doing for guaranteed money? What is the incentive to practice? What is the incentive to go there and earn it in the dirt?

Players are getting paid a lot of money upfront, playing a few events, and playing 54 holes. They try to play blaring music and have a different atmosphere.

Well, Perez took notice of Tiger’s comment. During an appearance on the podcast Son of a Butch hosted by Butch Harmon Jr., Perez said, it is the stupidest that I have ever heard in my life; that is the stupidest thing; the incentive is the fact that last place is $120k. First, the place is four million; you can’t win four million on the PGA tour.

Ashley, Pat Perez wife, has taken a pretty brutal shot at Woods. The Instagram account @golfballing posted a video clip of woods and talked about how he had to miss last week’s hero world challenges. The reason is he would develop plantar fasciitis in the right foot. Moreover, woods said there is nothing more, and fans have expressed their support for him.

Ashley Perez commented, Why driving under the influence is Illegal. I do not feel bad for him; thank god he did not kill anyone. See you.’

This comment about the single-car crash in February 2021 forced him to miss most golf tournaments in almost two years. Wood was not drunk during the crash; as police said, unlabeled pill bottles were found there. The first season of LiV Golf finished with $ 8 million in earnings by Pat Perez.

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